The best Apple Watch bands for sports, smart dressing and the rest

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If you’ve only just let go of your traditional watch and its metal band, or you need something to mask your Apple Watch in board meetings, the Casetify Link Bracelet Band (£70) is a stylish option. The best Apple Watch link bracelet, it's as comfy as a metal strap can be on the wrist and is easily adjustable.

View the Casetify Link Bracelet Band for £70 on Casetify

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Apple Leather Loop

WIRED Recommends: Apple's Leather Loop is our favourite Apple Watch band right now

The best Apple Watch bands for sports, smart dressing and the rest

Case sizes: 42mm/44mm | Colours: Teal; Yellow; Brown; Black

Apple’s Leather Loop (£99) is the best overall pick for a number of reasons, but the biggest advantage it has over its leathery counterparts is its comfort and durability.

Our biggest gripe with leather bands tends to be their rigidity, which often means they aren’t tight enough around the wrist or mould into an uneven shape. Few, if any, wrap as effortlessly as the Leather Loop, with magnets beneath the quilted leather promising a secure fit that you can adjust precisely as your wrist size fluctuates throughout the day.

Out of all the bands we tested, this is the one that we never wanted to take off — even for exercise, though we wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for anything too taxing. Weightlifting, yoga sessions and anything non-sweaty are fine from our experience. Just consider switching this one out for HIIT classes and long-distance outdoor exercise.

The only disappointment is that it’s not available for smaller Apple Watch case sizes - only for the 42mm and 44mm versions. However, there is a medium (150mm - 185mm) and large (180mm - 210mm) strap to choose from.

Pros: Super comfortable; stylish looks; easily adjustable Cons: Not perfect for exercise; no size for smaller cases

Price: £99 | Check price on Amazon | Apple

Apple Sport Band

The best Apple Watch band for workouts

Cases sizes: 38mm/40mm/42mm/44mm | Colours: Orange; Blue; Pink; Dark Blue; White; Black; Red; Grey; Green; Peach; Beige; Yellow; Dark Green