Renpho teams up with MyFitnessPal to make smart tracking that much easier

Two health giants in the technology world, Renpho and MyFitnessPal, have announced a new way each company’s products integrate with each other. Users will soon be able to sync their MyFitnessPal accounts with a variety of Renpho products.

Renpho teams up with MyFitnessPal to make smart tracking that much easier

Renpho was founded in 2015 to help people improve all aspects of their lives through its products. It created multiple smart scales and massage products so that users could track their body metrics and foods consumed, along with keeping their bodies well maintained. Renpho continues to innovate products in the health and wellness space today.

Known for being one of the most comprehensive nutrition and food tracking apps, MyFitnessPal has been around since 2005. The app (of the same name) has over 200 million users in 120 countries and is used to track food intake and exercise activity, wellness habits, and fitness goals. MyFitnessPal is available for free on desktop, the App Store, and the Google Play Store.

The integration between these two companies will allow users to sync their MyFitnessPal accounts with Renpho products. These products include the Smart Food Scale, Smart Body Scale, and the AI Smart Bike. Synching your account will allow customization of users’ health data to their profiles in real-time. In addition, utilizing MyFitnessPal’s nutrition tracking with the Renpho devices’ activity and weight tracking will give users a new level of personal insight, and all in one app. Users can track macros and nutrition levels and create guided nutrition plans, find new recipes, and much more.

The combination of smart fitness products from Renpho and the high-level tracking of MyFitnessPal will provide users with a more accurate view of how their fitness goals are going — perfect for this time of year when so many are trying to stick to New Year resolutions to get back in shape.