People Are Sharing The Single Most Beautiful Place They've Ever Traveled, And My Wanderlust Level Is Off The Charts

It's a big world out there made up of some pretty spectacular places. So how do you choose where to go next? Redditor u/harleybug88 asked, "What is the most beautiful place you've ever visited?" Here are some of the responses...and you're going to want to add them to your travel bucket list.

1."The Faroe Islands. I couldn't really believe what I was seeing, and it felt surreal. I hiked on the steep rocks along the grey North Atlantic ocean and it felt so remote. The foggy weather could turn into bright sunshine within an hour."

2."The Canadian Rockies. I knew that Lake Louise would be pretty (and it was), but the scale of the national parks was astounding. Banff, Kootenay, Yoho National Park, Glacier,and Jasper are mostly contiguous. It was astounding to drive on Icefields Parkway where every mountain seemed to have another one hiding behind it."

3."Muir Woods National Monument in California. I've seen plenty of beautiful places, but this one — being there among the Redwood trees — is truly awe-inspiring."

4."Istanbul, Turkey. It is so incredibly old with so much rich history, yet it's very metropolitan. The Bosporus Straight, which runs through the city, separates Europe and Asia. Taking a ferry from one side to the other with of seagulls in tow is truly breathtaking. Looking over the Bosporus at sunset is one of the most beautiful things I've ever experienced in my life. It is a magical city that looks and feels like it was plucked straight out of a picture book."

5."Gili Islands, Indonesia. The beaches on this group of islands in Lombok are so freaking beautiful. IMO it's more beautiful than Bali because not many tourists know about it so it's incredibly serene and clean."

6."Machu Picchu is amazing, but I liked the town of Aguas Calientes, Peru almost as much as the ruins. I stayed there for a full week enjoying the rushing rivers and gorgeous green mountains. I felt like I was in the setting of the movie Avatar."

7."Sorrento, Italy. It's a beautiful, small town in southern Italy. Words can't describe how I felt sitting there on a summer night looking at the Bay of Napoli, seeing the city lights from Naples and the backdrop of Mount Vesuvius."

8."New Zealand. The landscape looks as if you took all the national parks in the US and smashed them together. You can drive an hour and be in a totally different ecosystem and landscape."

9."Switzerland is just one of the most breathtaking places on the planet. I traveled through the countryside via train on my way to Zurich for a trip, but I couldn't keep my eyes off the scenery around me. I desperately need to go back for a longer visit."

10."The view from Mt Amos looking over Wineglass Bay in Tasmania, Australia. The trek up will seriously get your heart pumping, but the view of the bay makes it totally worth it."

11."Valpairiso, Chile. It is a city covered in beautiful street art stacked on a steep hilltop next to the ocean."

12."Kauai, Hawaii. I live on Oahu so I figured Kauai would be similar, but it has such a different feeling to it. The waterfalls and Na'Pali Coast are absolutely stunning, and the whole island is so much more rural.

13."Cinque Terre, Italy. It's five villages built into the cliffs over the sea with hiking trails connecting them all. I rented an apartment in Corniglia that overlooked the Ligurian sea and it was fantastic. Everything was just so lovely and relaxed. I want to go back to spend more time there."

14."Prague. I spent five months traveling all around Europe and Prague was hands down the most beautiful city. Not to mention that the beer is ridiculously cheap."

15."The Li River and surrounding mountains in Yangshuo, China look as if you've stepped into an enchanted fairytale land. The area is untouched by urbanization so you get to experience scenery and culture that's been around for over 1000 years. You can't find this anywhere else in the world."

16."Alsace, France. If you're looking for medieval, fairy tale Europe, spend a week between Alsace and the Rhine for half-timbered villages, amazing cathedrals, and hillside castles."

17."Geirangerfjorden in Norway takes the number one spot for me, but all of Western Norway is stunning with its fjords, valleys, mountains, and gorgeous scenery."

18."Bhutan. Between the ancient temples, pristine wilderness, the air that always smells like pine, and the sound of chimes and bells as you hike the Himalayas, Bhutan feels like a place untouched by time."

19."Perito Moreno glacier in Patagonia, Argentina. I hiked it for three hours staring at the glacier from every angle, and the entire time, I couldn't say anything other than 'wow' and 'amazing.'"

20."Southern Utah is completely amazing. I love Lake Powell. Its a man-made lake so different from the natural beauty you'll find at Bryce Canyon, but floating in cold fresh water in the middle of a desert surrounded by ancient rock formations is a pretty magnificent."

21."Tuscany, Italy. It's just as gorgeous as books and movies make you believe. The scenery, architecture, food, wine, art and history is spectacular. The popular places can be crowded and touristy, especially during the summer, but you can easily pick a random little town on the map and visit for a more authentic experience."

22."Portugal in general is beautiful, but Cabo De Roca was absolutely stunning. It's the western-most point in Europe, and it was once believed to be the point where the world ends and the sea begins."

23."Innsbruck, Austria. I went last year and was absolutely blown away by the city. Everything is colorful, there's so much history, the people are nice, and there are insanely gorgeous mountains everywhere you look."

24."Iceland. I have traveled a fair amount, and Iceland is by far my favorite place because of the beautiful landscape. I drove all of Ring Road, and I had to get out of my car every few minutes to take pictures. It was just breathtaking. There were certain areas where my eyes couldn't even comprehend what I was seeing. I felt like I was on Mars or in the setting of a fairy tale."

25."The west coast of Sweden, north of Gothenburg. There's amazing pink granite that forms little hills down to the sea. All the villages have natural harbors with rows and rows of little wooden jetties and fantastic pink cliffs dotted with tiny, brightly colored wooden houses. I've never been anywhere more peaceful and I didn't want to leave."

26."Venice, Italy, even though It might sound cliché.I thought it must be over-hyped, but it completely exceeded my expectations. It's an absolutely beautiful city with great culture and good food."

27."Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. I was blessed enough to spend 10 days there and it was an amazing experience. It was absolutely beautiful and surreal. Seeing real floating fishing villages and how the locals live was very humbling."

28."Santorini. It's said that Santorini might have inspired the legends of Atlantis, which becomes entirely plausible once you see this incredible island for yourself."

29."Oregon and Washington State. From the Cascade Mountains and the scenic coastal highway to Mt. Hood, Multnomah falls, and the Columbia River Gorge, there's so much beauty. And then there's Crater Lake, where the water is as blue as the Caribbean Sea."

30."Edinburgh, Scotland. It's such a layered, historical city, and it's beautiful in any weather. IMO, Edinburgh Castle is particularly stunning in the fog."

31."Krakow, Poland. It might sound surprising but the city — and the town square in particular — was absolutely beautiful and filled with history and culture."

32."The Scottish Highlands. The scenery is so wild and rugged. The first time I visited I drove 1200 miles in five days just exploring the gorgeous landscape."

33."Alaska. Imagine Colorado, but with bigger mountains, nearly 24 hours of sunlight in the summertime, and the Northern Lights in the winter. The air is so fresh, there are tons of cool small towns, few tourists, and untouched wildlife. It feels like its own country entirely."

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People Are Sharing The Single Most Beautiful Place They've Ever Traveled, And My Wanderlust Level Is Off The Charts