DeClutter Coach: Top 4 picks for best wellness apps

Wellness isn’t just a buzz word, it’s an important concept for all of us, including employers. There’s so much information out there that it’s hard to decipher it all.

I’ll share several wellness apps that can help you on the path to getting and sustaining wellness in your life. Some of these apps are free and all are available in IOS and Android.

My top 4 picks for the best wellness apps are listed below. Let’s take a closer look at each.

1. Fitbit

Live a healthier, more active life with Fitbit, the world’s leading app for tracking all-day activity, workouts, sleep, and to log food and connect with family and friends. Use the app on its own to track basic activity and exercise on your phone or connect with one of Fitbit’s many activity trackers and the Aria Smart Scales to get a complete picture of your health — including steps, distance, calories burned, sleep, weight and more. My favorite thing about the Fitbit is the reminder to move 250 steps every hour, especially helpful if I am working from home or in the office all day.

DeClutter Coach: Top 4 picks for best wellness apps

2. My Fitness Pal

MyFitnessPal has long been a top pick for counting calories and keeping a close watch on nutrition. It has the biggest database of foods you can find for both name-brand packaged foods and homemade meals. It's so widely used that you'll find calorie and nutritional information for foods from all around the world in it.

MyFitnessPal used to offer macronutrient information (meaning how much protein, fat, and carbohydrates you eat) in its free account, but that's now reserved for paying members. If you need that information, you can use MyPlate by Livestrong instead, another top app for logging food intake and analyzing what you eat.

3. Map My Walk

Activity-tracking apps log your activities as you do them, whether you're running, bicycling or mowing the lawn. Map My Walk is perfect for people at any fitness level doing any activity. Log any kind of workout using just your phone or with your favorite device like Garmin or Apple Watch. It can actually sync with Under Armour brand smart shoes too. Plus, get social and find support and motivation from others and create challenges for you and your friends.

4. WW (Formerly known as Weight Watchers)

The WW mobile app allows you to take the program with you wherever you go! Track your food, weight and activity and look up the SmartPoints ® value of any food. You can also live chat any time with an expert who can provide support and information. One personal feature I enjoy is the feature that allows me to sync my Fitbit app with the WW app to track FitPoints!

I encourage you to try all of these apps to help your wellness journey! Sign up for a free trial and see if they’ll work for you. Not every app is for everybody. It’s all about finding apps that you like and will use consistently. Good Luck!

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