5 Ways To Protect Your Kids From Dangerous Electromagnetic Emissions

Over a period of time, electromagnetic emissions can tamper with a child's cognitive ability and cause an issue in their sleep cycle.

Written by Editorial Team | Updated : October 13, 2021 3:55 PM IST

Smartphones are the threshold to communication, entertainment, assignments, and shopping. The 5.5-inch device holds a world within it and wraps within its grasp all the demographicsthe young and the old alike. Interestingly, today it has become a modern-day pacifier for young kids. A crying kid, a grumpy kid, a bored kid, a hungry kid, or an overly excited kidbe it any situation, give a kid a smartphone and he/she would be happy.

While we all love smartphones, but does the smartphone love us back? Like phones, every other man-made device using wireless functions is a source of electromagnetic emissions. And these unseen and unfelt emissions cause inconspicuous damage to our kids' health on a long-term basis as their sensitive systems are vulnerable to such emissions.

Over a period of time, electromagnetic emissions can stimulate headaches which can snowball into a migraine. According to some studies, higher exposure to electromagnetic fields can tamper with a child's cognitive ability. Similarly, sleep is imperative for children for their better development. But electromagnetic emissions can cause an issue in their sleep cycle too. The problems are aplenty, and so, the solutions need to be pondered upon soon.

5 Ways To Protect Your Kids From Dangerous Electromagnetic Emissions

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How ToProtect Your Kids From Electromagnetic Radiations

Here are five ways which can help parents/guardians to keep their kid(s) away from the dangerous electromagnetic emissions

Imbibing a device-less culture: Imbibing a culture of reading, playing an instrument, or other hobbies rather than pacifying a child's need to negate boredom through smartphones is the first step towards a safer environment at home. Whenever children ask for a smartphone, encourage them to play a sport or pick a hobby they can enjoy and be productive. Smartphones should be their last avenue for killing time.

Disabling the wireless functions: Whenever possible, disable the wireless functions on a device that your child uses. Wireless devices - including printers, tablets, laptops, and W-Fi routers - all emit negative energies. As inconvenient it sounds, it must be suggested that an ethernet cable for internet access on the computer is a much safer option for a child to use. You can also put the devices on airplane mode to reduce the exposure of electromagnetic emissions as much as possible.

Keep wireless devices at a distance: A Wi-Fi router must be installed at a place that is not accessible to your kids easily. A mobile phone should better be in a bag rather than your chest pocket or pockets in generaleven when they are not being used to make a call, they still emit electromagnetic radiation.Maintaining a safe distance between a kid and man-made device can reduce the exposure considerably.

Use Speakers and Earphones for calls : Speakers and earphones may not be the most convenient set up for a call on your smartphone or tablet, but they can help reduce exposure to electromagnetic emissions. It is a known fact that a phone radiates the maximum amount of electromagnetic emissions when it is used for a call. Thinner and sensitive skulls in kids make them more vulnerable to absorbing these harmful emissions. Ask them to use headphones or call on speaker mode whenever possible and if the privacy quotient allows it.

Use of radiation protection technology: Since, understandably, most tasks at hand need a smart deviceespecially mobiles, they are hard to get rid of. In addition to using the technology amicably, you can opt for radiation protection technology solutions available in the market. Many leading brands have introduced scientifically validated, fix-and-forget solutions to mitigate the harmful electromagnetic emissions and make our homes and workspaces safer than before.

The article is contributed by Pranav Poddar, Co-Founder & Director of Syenergy Environics Ltd. Environics offers Radiation Management Solutions for homes and workspaces to negate the effects of harmful emissions coming out of natural and artificial sources.