5 best fitness apps of 2022 Most Read

New year's resolutions to keep fit may be still be going strong, but using fitness apps along the way can help you keep committed and dedicated to achieving your goal. Mobile app stores are saturated with various fitness apps all aiming to help clients keep fit and fresh, in terms of workouts and controlling diet. Here are five of the best fitness apps to help you stay on track:


Available on both iOS and Android, this app is free to download with a meager monthly subscription of $10. You can use this app to track daily calories, fitness activity, connect with friends, log your diet and exercise, including over 350 workouts, and connect more than 50 apps and devices. The app's database includes over 11 million foods, logging both food and physical activity, customizing health goals, and allowing you to log in restaurant menu as well. To unlock the full features of the application services, you may have to sign up for the premium version.


5 best fitness apps of 2022 Most Read

You don't need to have a Fitbit tracker to install and use this free application, but with a small subscription, you can get workout videos, recipe videos, and mindful sessions. Workout videos are designed so that they are easy to follow, including stretching routines and stair workouts. The voice-over coach guides you on what you should do while reminding you to keep breathing during physical activity. The workout videos demonstrated the moves to be done, with the number of reps, a timer, and information related to the particular workout. The premium version of the app will give you access to Health Metrics, sleep score details, and other personalized data.

Nike Training Club

The Nike fitness app gives you personal training with a variety of workouts from Nike's master trainers, for free. With this app, you have access to multi-week training programs specific to your fitness goals with around 100 workout videos to choose from. Once you download the app, you will be asked to fill in some personalized questions in relation to your workout interest and frequency of workouts in a week. With your answers, the Nike app will provide you recommended programs of four to eight weeks, lasting 10 to 60 minutes. The training club also offers yoga, bodyweight boot camps, and core training, while featuring essential tools like nutrition, recovery, sleep, and mindset advice. You can choose the level you want to begin with, and the app will guide you through your workouts with strong words of encouragement to keep you going. The app, however, is not well integrated with the Apple watch especially for heart rate monitoring, while Android users report video glitches while using the app.


This fitness app focuses on bodyweight exercises like burpees which can be done anywhere with minimal equipment, along with HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts. In the free version, you will have access to 20 bodyweight HIIT workout programs, 25 individual exercises, 20 audio-based workouts, and access to the fitness community. If you decide to sign up for their premium subscription costing, $1.55 a week, you will be provided with an AI personal trainer that will personalize workouts for you according to your experience, goals, fitness level, and preferences. This version of the app will also provide you with a guide to mindfulness, fitness knowledge, and motivation to get you your desired result. You can choose high-quality workout videos from 5-30 minutes in length, led by expert coaches from the app. The basic free version of Freeletics will lack essential features and customizability to workout programs.


Strava combines fitness with the sense of community, designed to engage users in friendly competition in exercises and physical activity. The app provides workout challenges that you can join, sharing photos with the community while working out, and following friend's activity sessions. Strava ensures the basic essentials of tracking your distance, speed, and endurance. The subscription of the paid version, Strava Summit, will give you specific race training and fitness goals, equipping you with customizable training plans and live feedback. The free monthly fitness challenges will keep you motivated while offering a platform that is easy to map, record, track, and analyze workouts with. The application however, does not support music and requires a paid subscription of $7.99 a month to access most features.