YHE Technology Launches World's 1st Medical-Grade Smartwatch - BP Doctor MED

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - November 24, 2021) - Personal medical device experts YHE Technology have announced the launch of BP Doctor MED - A Medical-Grade Blood Pressure Smartwatch. This innovative new product is the world's first FDA-approved & CE-marked* wearable blood pressure smartwatch with 24/7 health status tracking and in-app family sharing.

BP Doctor MED

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In 1876, the first oscillometric method for measuring blood pressure was invented, making BP measurement more convenient than before. But effective traditional methods such as auscultation are also used by doctors even today. Because different methods have different trade-offs, doctors would most often choose accuracy over convenience.

We wondered, is it possible to invent a new way to monitor blood pressure that is both accurate and convenient.

To answer this question, the entire YHE team dedicated themselves to creating BP Doctor Smartwatches. Continuous advances were made and from BP Doctor Pro to BP Doctor MED, YHE has succeeded in improving the average accuracy by 50%.

BP Doctor Pro and MED

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How did YHE's engineers do it. Here's the story behind BP Doctor MED as told by the YHE team.

Story told by CEO of YHE:

Creating a new way to monitor blood pressure much easier is never easy.

Although we have a great deal of experience in the wearable wellness industry and successfully launched BP Doctor Pro - the first multi-functional blood pressure smartwatch, the journey of developing BP Doctor MED was still a challenge.

Our ambition was to make BP Doctor MED the first medical-grade blood pressure smartwatch in the world. At the same time, we were aware that we would face incredible difficulties along the way.

It has been quite a journey watching our design become a reality. Now, we are ready to let more people experience the convenience and accuracy of our latest and most advanced blood pressure monitor - BP Doctor MED.

Story told by product manager:

The development of BP Doctor MED is a race against time.

Today, the entire manufacturing industry is facing a worldwide supply chain shortage. We too, are facing the same issue.

BP Doctor MED was scheduled to come out earlier, but we were delayed several times by supply chain shortages. Global material shortages and advanced production level requirements have made the timeline of R&D unpredictable.

BP Doctor MED Components

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YHE Technology Launches World's 1st Medical-Grade Smartwatch - BP Doctor MED

To meet the medical-grade blood pressure accuracy requirement (accuracy within ≤ 5mmHg), BP Doctor MED was designed with a dual inflatable cuff to decrease pressure loss and increase the stability of the measurement. It is also much lighter than typical cuffs with a weight of only 60g. You can imagine how hard it is to produce such a device with a blood pressure measurement function. It was a huge challenge for industrial supply chains as well. Pushing supply chains to improve their productivity became our daily challenge. Thanks to our supplier's support, we finally achieved it.

Story told by algorithm engineers:

Thanks to our patented dual inflatable cuff design and countless volunteers' testing data, our algorithm is now more mature.

To make it simple, we explain the improvements of BP Doctor MED based on three main benefits:

Patented Dual Air Cuffs

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1. The dual inflatable cuff reduces the pressure loss and offsets so that the accuracy is improved.

2. Testing stability is improved as well. The cuff fits wrists of different sizes better. Because of that, instability caused by slight changes in the environment, measurement posture, or wearing position is reduced.

3. Human arteries differ in vascular hardness, subcutaneous fat thickness, etc. Those differences will affect signal acquisition. To reduce the deviation caused by arterial differences, we made BP Doctor MED's upper air cuff inflate in different degrees according to the person's pulse. In other words, the dual inflatable cuff is customized for everyone.

Story told by embedded systems engineers:

Two things about BP Doctor MED our team would like to emphasize.

First, the setting of double airbags has higher requirements on the airtightness of airbags. We have debugged the air valves and airbag forming systems to meet the airtightness requirements.

At the same time, the improvement of airtightness of the airbag also improves the pressure efficiency of the watch.

The second feature that we updated and developed was BP Doctor Med's GUI. Based on LVGL open-source graphics library, both graphic overlay and refresh are optimized and customized for BP Doctor MED. What we have achieved did not just improve our product, but also pushed the development of LVGL itself.

BP Doctor MED

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"We made it!" That's the enthusiastic voice in the hearts of the entire YHE team. "I am thrilled to see BP Doctor MED launching," said the CEO of YHE, "It's all about the support from our fans, Thank you all!"

Innovation isn't just the meaningful development of technology, it is also the path that YHE chooses to improve the well-being of all humankind.

Launching at 11 AM EST, November 24th.

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