intelligentwatchreview The Best Qi-Certified Wireless Chargers for iOS and Android

Qi-certified wireless chargers are a modern way to charge your device, quickly and conveniently, without the constraints of annoying wires; simply place your device down on the dock or pad. Many modern wireless chargers will now also charge more than one device at a time, saving you space and keeping your electronics charging from one spot.

Before splashing out on a Qi-certified wireless charger, there are a couple of things to check first. Does your device have the required technology to take advantage of wireless charging, and at what wattage can it charge? Wattage will determine how quickly the device will be charged, based on the overall electrical current going into your device.

Here are the best Qi-certified wireless chargers available today.

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The Intoval wireless charger is the perfect device for Apple product lovers, with Qi-certified fast charging for not just one device, but up to three, this is the ideal charger for people who are always on the go.

For those of you that like to watch and charge at the same time, The Intoval wireless charger also comes with a landscape mode, offering you a better viewing angle while your device charges. This means you can watch your favorite films or TV shows without losing power.

This sleek, modern charger really is the pick of the crop, with its universal compatibility across top Apple products like the iPhone 13, Apple Watch 7, and AirPods Pro. Its ultra-safe, ultra-fast wireless charging technology, is designed to help ensure all of your devices are always ready when you need them. And if that wasn't enough, the intelligent surge and temperature safety features on the Intoval wireless charger ensure that your wireless charger and phone are always protected, rolling elegance, function, and safety into one neat package.

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The KPON Invisible wireless charger is the perfect companion for those who like to have a clean desk. Never again will you need to worry about pesky wires, or bulky chargers getting in your way, with a simple under-the-desk solution.

Not only does the KPON Invisible wireless charger help keep your desk looking neat, but it's also packed full of features to help keep you and your devices safe too, stopping your device from overheating as well as having an intelligent overcharging sensor to ensure your device remains healthy.

You would think that the KPON Invisible wireless charger would be hard to install, but you would be wrong, in fact, using magnets to help position the bracket for the device, installation takes almost no time at all, with absolutely no damage to your furniture. KPON's Invisible wireless charger is not only perfect for your home charging needs but is a great accessory for conference rooms, office desks, and even your nightstand in your bedroom.

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The COO wireless charger is the ideal accessory for those on the go; it's lightweight, portable, and easy to take around with you on your travels. With its 10W charging speeds and compatibility across major brands such as Apple, Samsung, and Sony, it's designed to keep up with those leading a busy fast-paced life.

The RGB ring running around the edge of the COO wireless charger changes color to let you know when your device is fully charged, saving you even more time, and making it one of the more convenient features of this Qi-certified charger.

All the usual safety features are included, such as device battery safety and temperature regulation. There are also some surprising extras for a budget accessory, such as the foreign objection protection and radiation shield, ensuring that you never have to worry when using the COO wireless charger.

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If you are a fan of Apple products, then the Apple MagSafe charger is a must-have Apple accessory for your collection, with its sleek and simple design, mixed with the ease of the snap-on magnetic base, it really is the perfect wireless charger for Apple lovers.

Match the design of your iPhone by pairing the Apple MagSafe charger with an iPhone Leather Wallet, allowing you to keep your valuables together, while still being able to use wireless charging through the wallet, and even mix and match the designs to your device. The Best Qi-Certified Wireless Chargers for iOS and Android

While the Apple MagSafe charger is on the pricey side, there's the reassurance that this is an official Apple product. Whether you want to charge your iPhone or AirPods, you can do so with ease via wireless charging up to 15W.

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The Samsung Wireless Charger Pad might be an official Samsung product, but don't let that fool you, it has been built to work alongside most other major brands, such as Motorola and Apple, and Qi-compatible devices, making it one of the most versatile branded wireless chargers out there.

Heating issues are now a thing of the past, with the Samsung Wireless Charger Pad's built-in fan and exhaust vents, allowing your device to charge faster, without any overheating issues.

The charging LED control can be turned off at night, allowing you to have a peaceful night, safely charging your phone, without any intrusive lights disturbing your sleep. The Samsung Wireless Charger Pad is the perfect lightweight accessory to take with you, wherever your busy life takes you.

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The creators of the Gotoqi Fast Wireless Charger really did think of everything when they designed this Qi charger. Not only does it have the ability to display the phone in landscape orientation, but you can also tilt the viewing angle, ensuring you have the perfect place to watch videos while your device charges.

The Gotoqi Fast Wireless Charger boasts an impressive 15W charging speed, as well as the ability to fold completely flat, making it the ideal charging accessory for those who are always on the go. Its unique design has been created especially to help dissipate heat from both the wireless charger and the device, making it safe for your home and your device's battery; a must-have feature for devices that can charge up to 15W.

The dim charging light has been designed to ensure that it is not intrusive, making sure that you can leave your phone on charge, without being disturbed from your sleep.

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There are tons of wireless chargers on the market, but what if you need a Qi-compatible wireless charger in your car? The POLMXS Wireless car charger has you covered with its fast and DIY-friendly design, crafted to work with all major brands, with charging capabilities of up to 15W, depending on your device.

As vehicles all come in different shapes and sizes, the POLMXS Wireless car charger has been designed so that you can cut the charging pad down to size, ensuring that it will fit wherever you want to place it in your vehicle, giving you peace of mind knowing that you can find the perfect spot to charge your phone from within your car.

The case-friendly charging feature means you do not need to remove your device's case, as the charger is able to charge devices through a case of up to 4mm thick, not only saving you time from removing the case when entering your vehicle but also giving you peace of mind, that your device is secure when out and about.

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Qi is a global standard for wireless chargers, and to use any Qi-compatible chargers you must also ensure that your devices are Qi-compatible. The word Qi originates from China and means vital energy or life force, it is pronounced chi.

No, wired charging is currently much faster than wireless charging, but wired charging lacks the same conveniences as using a Qi-compatible wireless charger. Although, as technology develops, this may not always be the case.

Any charging can ruin your device's battery, which is why it is important to purchase a charger that has smart features designed to regulate the voltage and ensure that your device is not overcharged, or charged too quickly.

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