West Side Benevolent Circle releases annual holiday ‘adoption’ list

The West Side Benevolent Circle recently announced its adoption list for the 2021 season.

Each holiday season, West Side provides gifts, clothing and toys to families in need. Residents can help fill these children’s wishes by “adopting” a child from West Side’s list and donating the items requested.

Here’s how to adopt:

Not all children available for adoption were able to be included in the following list. To inquire regarding additional children, call the Adoption Line at 508.261.4933. Some children’s requests are partially pre-filled so their requests below are what remain.

Residents may also help fill holiday requests by donating gift cards which will be distributed to the families. Some options are Kohl’s, Target, Dunkin’, Walmart, GameStop and Best Buy.

Child 8, Boy 4. Clothes: Snow Jacket B 6T, Tracksuit B 6T, Sweater B 6T, Snow Boots Ch 10, Hat and gloves. Toys: Skywalker Trampolines 55-Inch Bounce-N-Learn Trampoline with Enclosure and Sound Monkey, Wellchild Magnetic Drawing Board, MOSUNECE Matching Letter Game for Kids Ages 3-7.

Child 9, Boy 1. Clothes: Hat and mittens, Socks 18 mos. Toys: Smart Toys Activity Cube, Toddler Talking Alphabet, BEST LEARNING Stack and Learn toy. Gift cards: Kohl's, Target.

Child 62, Boy 3. Favorite color: Green, blue, black. Clothes: Socks Ch 9, Underwear 4T, Gloves. Gift cards: Walmart, Target.

Child 63, Girl 18. Favorite color: blue, black. Clothes: Winter leggings (S), Zipper Hoodie W Med, Sneakers W 7.5, Socks W 8, Panties for teen Wom S. Gift cards: Ulta, Victoria’s Secret.

Child 88, Girl 8. Favorite color: Pink. Clothes: Dresses G 7, Underwear G5, Socks Ch 12. Toys: Barbie dream camper van, 180 pc magnetic tile set.

Child 89, Girl 4. Favorite color: Pink. Clothes: Socks Ch 7. Toys: Paradise Galleries Reborn Toddler Doll -Child ren's Day Full Vinyl Limbs 16 inch GentleTouch Vinyl Weighted Body 5-Piece Doll Reborn Doll Set, Disney frozen Elsa’s Magical Ice Palace 701pcs lego set.

Child 90, Girl 14. Favorite color: Green. Gift cards: Target, Burlington Coat Factory, Amazon, Victoria's Secret, Walmart, Macy's.

Child 91, Boy 10. Favorite color: Neon green. Clothes: Winter Jacket B 10-12, Pants B 10, T-shirts B 10. Toys: Beyblade Surge Speedstorm Slayer Showdown.

Child 92, Boy newborn. Favorite color: Blue. Clothes: Winter Jacket B 3-6 mos, Jeans B 3-6 mos. Toys: Costzon Ligthweight Baby Stroller, Graco Made to Grow 6 in 1 High Chair, Chrome wheels 3 in 1 ride on toy pushing car with guardrail.

Child 93, Girl 2. Favorite color: Pink. Gift cards: Target, Walmart.

Child 100, Boy 6 mos. Gift cards: Target.

Child 102, Boy 14. Favorite color: Red. Clothes: Dress Socks Men 9, Undershirts white Men Sm. Gift cards: Macy's, Marshalls, Dicks, Best Buy, Walmart, Target.

Child 103, Boy 12. Favorite color: Blue. Clothes: Jacket M XL. Toys: Tokyo Revengers book set. Gift cards: Amazon.

Child 104, Boy 11. Favorite color: Blue. Clothes: Sweatpants B XL. Gift cards: Amazon.

Child 113, Boy 17. Favorite color: Black. Clothes: Socks M 11, Underwear boxerbriefs M Lg. Gift cards: Target, Walmart, Dicks, Visa.

Child 114, Girl 13. Favorite color: Green. Clothes: Tshirts W Lg, Socks W 8, Underwear W 7. Gift cards: Walmart, Game Stop.

Child 128, Girl 15. Favorite color: Brown, black. Clothes: Winter Coat W XL, Nike Sneakers W10. Gift cards: Target, Walmart, Gap, Kohl's.

Child 129, Girl 11. Favorite color: Hot Pink, blue. Clothes: Pajamas G16, Jeans G16. Gift cards: Best Buy, Target.

Child 143, Girl 4. Favorite color: Pink. Clothes: Sweater G Sm or G 7 Disney Princess or Minnie Mouse, Tan Winter Boots Ch 11, Sketchers sneakers with glitter or pink Ch 11, Socks Ch 11, Princess PJ's G8. Toys: Micro kickboard Mini plus kick scooter with led lights pink colorbar, Barbie Glam Getaway House, Lego Disney belle and the beast castle 43196 building kit.

Child 147, Girl 7. Favorite color: Pink. Clothes: Party Dress G 14/16, Boots Y 4, Tees G 14/16, Pajamas G 14/16, navy blue cable knit tights G 14/16. Toys: Telescope, Botley the Coding Robot.

Child 148, Boy 3. Favorite color: Blue, Red. Clothes: Blue boots Ch 11, Red Sweatpants B 6, gloves, Underwear B 6/6x, Pajamas B 6/6x. Gift cards: Kohls, Amazon.

Child 149, Girl 16 mos. Favorite color: Purple. Clothes: Party dress 3T, Skirts 3T, Pajamas 3T, colorful tights 2T. Toys: Talk and Spell toy. Gift cards: Kohls, Target.

Child 156, Boy 17. Favorite color: Black. Clothes: Joggers Elastic waist pants Mens 2XL, High top sneakers M 11, Black ankle socks M 11. Toys: Football cards. Gift cards: Target, Game Stop, Dunkin Donuts.

Child 159, Girl 9. Favorite color: Light purple. Gift cards: Kohl's, Roblox.

Child 160, Boy 7. Favorite color: Black. Gift cards: Kohl's, Roblox.

Child 161, Girl 6 mos. Favorite color: Pink. Clothes: Christmas clothes G 9-12 mos, Sweatshirt G 9-12 mos, Diapers Size 3. Toys: Electric baby swing, High chair, Stroller.

Child 162, Girl 16. Favorite color: Pink. Clothes: LS Zip up Hoodie Wom Lg, Skinny stretch Jeans Wom 6/8, Socks W 10, Boy shorts underwear W 7. Gift cards: Kohl's, Famous Footwear, Journey's.

Child 163, Girl 4. Favorite color: Purple. Clothes: Socks 5T, Thermals 4T. Toys: Doll House. Gift cards: Kohl's, Walmart.

Child 164, Girl 13. Favorite color: Blue. Clothes: Black socks W 9, Black underwear W 8 Lg, Black sports bras Lg. Toys: Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. Gift cards: TJMaxx, VANS Store, Adidas Store, Unlikely Story, Guitar Center.

Child 165, Boy 11. Favorite color: Red. Clothes: Adidas sweatpants/joggers B Lg, Adidas Zip up hooded sweatshirt B Lg, Snow boots Y 6, Tall socks Y 6. Toys: Nintendo Switch brand Joycon controllers. Gift cards: One Up Games, Newbury Comics.

Child 166, Girl 9. Favorite color: pink, purple. Clothes: cotton or satin pajamas (tops and bottoms) or long nightgown G 10, Sneakers with pink or purple Y 3, sweaters with rhinestone or unicorns G 10, Socks Y 3, Underwear Wondernation brand G 10. Toys: fitbit inspire 2 watch desert rose or pink, Lakeshore Let’s Play School set.

Child 167, Boy 4. Favorite color: red, blue. Clothes: LS PJ Set B 8-10, snow boots Y 2.5, Sweatpants B 8. Toys: Blippi Large Rocket ship , Singing machine kids karaoke pedestal, The Hot Wheels City Ultimate Octo Car Wash.

Child 168, Boy 14. Favorite color: Yellow. Clothes: Winter coat with hood M Lg, Mens Crocs W11/M13, Pullover hoodie M 2XL, Gloves and hat. Gift cards: Target, Xbox.

Child 184, Girl 17. Favorite color: Baby Blue. Clothes: Jeans Jr 1. Gift cards: American Eagle, Victoria's Secret, Bertucci's.

Child 185, Boy 10. Favorite color: Red. Clothes: Boots Y 2.5. Gift cards: Game Stop, Target.

Child 186, Boy 6. Favorite color: Blue. Clothes: LS shirts B 6-8 Sm, Boots Y 1. Toys: Any playstation 5 video games. Gift cards: Game Stop, Target.

Child 187, Girl 5. Favorite color: Pink. Clothes: Pajamas G 6. Toys: anything jo jo siwa. Gift cards: Target.

Child 188, Boy 13. Favorite color: Blue. Clothes: Puffer Vest (green, navy, black or grey) Men Med, Hooded Sweatshirt (grey, navy or green) Men Med, Gloves and hat, Socks M 9. Toys: Star Wars or Harry Potter LEGO set (teenager), Kindle Fire type Tablet, Wireless Headphones (red).

Child 189, Boy 10. Favorite color: Red. Clothes: Puffer Vest (Navy, Red or Grey ) B 16-18 XL, Adidas Track Pants (Red and Black) B 16, Slippers Y 7, Gloves and Hat. Toys: XBOX ONE wireless controller (green), VITESSE , HOMHUM or GTPOFFICE Video Gaming Chair.

Child 191, Girl 6. Favorite color: Blue. Clothes: Converse Pink Y 3, Winter boots, purple Y 3, Insulated winter gloves, Nightgown G 8, Socks Y 3, Underwear G 8. Toys: Barbie Dollhouse, L.O.L Surprise! Remix: We Rule the World for Nintendo Switch.

Child 192, Boy 9. Favorite color: Black. Clothes: Winter boots blue Y 5, Court Borough 2 High Top Sneaker Big Kid black Y 5, Minecraft boxer briefs B 8, Insulated winter gloves, Half calf socks Y 5. Toys: Diary of a Minecraft Zombie Book 1 A Scare of a Dare. Gift cards: Target.

Child 193, Boy newborn. Favorite color: Green. Clothes: Carhartt baby beanie, Snowsuit green B 3-6 mos, Socks B 3-6 mos, Target brand Diapers Size 3. Toys: 3 in 1 High chair , Homedics SoundSpa Lullaby. Gift cards: Target.

Child 194, Girl 13. Favorite color: Purple. Clothes: Sweatshirts Jr Lge, Sweatpants Jr Sm, Gloves and hat and scarf, Underwear Med, Socks W 9.5. Gift cards: Visa, Forever 21.

Child 195, Girl 11. Favorite color: Blue. Clothes: Jeans Jr 0, Socks W 8, Gloves and hat and scarf, Underwear G Med. Toys: AKASO EK7000 4K30FPS Action Camera Ultra HD Underwater Camera - Amazon $80. Gift cards: H and M.

West Side Benevolent Circle releases annual holiday ‘adoption’ list

Child 196, Boy 5. Favorite color: Red. Clothes: Jeans B 8, Underwear B Med, winter jacket B 8-10 Med, Socks Y 3, Gloves and hat and scarf. Toys: BeeBean Amphibious Remote Control Car 2.4Ghz 4WD All Terrain Football RC Boat, Amazon $69. Gift cards: H and M.

Child 204, Girl 17. Favorite color: black. Clothes: Jacket W M/L, Sneakers W 9.5, Jeans W 8, Socks W 9.5, Underwear W 8. Gift cards: Game Stop, Target, Michael's.

Child 207, Girl 12. Favorite color: black. Clothes: fleece pajama skull theme W XXL top, XL bottom, black hanes T shirts W XL, Bikini underwear W Lg or 8. Toys: Bead sets from Michael's for jewelery making, jewelry wires. Gift cards: Bead Cache.

Child 208, Girl 10. Favorite color: orange. Clothes: hoodie W Lg, soft fleece pajama set W Med, white t shirts W Med, Underwear W 7-9 or Med. Toys: my generation doll accessories. Gift cards: Target.

Child 209, Girl 12. Favorite color: light blue. Clothes: hoodie W XXL, soft fleece pajamas W X , white t shirts W XL, Underwear W XL or 18. Toys: canvases.

Child 210, Boy 6. Favorite color: Blue and Red. Clothes: Nike Hoodie B Sm, Joggers B 6, Winter Jacket B 6, Winter boots Y 7. Toys: Anything Roblox, Wooden balance board 6+.

Child 211, Girl 18. Gift cards: Providence Place Mall, Victoria’s Secret, Chik-fil-a, Dunkin, Qdoba, Starbucks.

Child 212, Girl 10. Favorite color: turquoise. Clothes: WWE Alexa Bliss “play/pain” pullover hooded sweatshirt W Sm, Adidas Super Star X Lego Sneakers Y4. Toys: Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet in blue if possible , Lol Suprise Omg Movie Magic 2 Pack Fashion Dolls (Tough Dude and Pink Chick). Gift cards: Merry Go Rounds (in Easton).

Child 215, Boy 16. Favorite color: Black. Clothes: Basketball shorts M Lg, Socks M 11, Underwear boxer brief M Lg. Toys: Anything patriots football or mhs football, Emergency car kit. Gift cards: Nike, Kohls.

Child 216, Boy 14. Favorite color: Blue. Clothes: joggers M XL, Mansfield football hoodie M XL, Socks M 11, Underwear boxer brief M XL. Gift cards: Nike, Game Stop, Target.

Child 217, Boy 13. Favorite color: All. Clothes: Graphic tee shirts M XL, Socks Men Lg, Underwear boxer briefs M XL. Gift cards: Timberland, 5 Below, Nike.

Child 218, Girl 13. Favorite color: Purple. Clothes: Pajamas Jr Lg, Sweatshirts Jr Lg. Gift cards: Visa, Game Stop, PlayStation Store.

Child 219, Girl 5. Favorite color: Green. Clothes: Pajamas disney G7, Pants G7, Sweatshirts G7. Toys: Barbie Dreamtopia Castle.

Child 220, Girl 5. Favorite color: Pink. Toys: Kids Tablet. Gift cards: TJMaxx, Target.

Child 221, Boy 2. Favorite color: Blue. Gift cards: HandM, Walmart.

Child 222, Girl 10. Favorite color: Blue. Toys: Kids Tablet. Gift cards: TJMaxx, Nike.

Child 228, Boy 11. Favorite color: Maroon. Clothes: Denizen by Levi (at Target) Khaki Joggers Men Med, Slippers M Lg, Long socks M Lg. Toys: Wireless Nintendo Pro controller, Nerf Hammer Shot blaster, Amazon's MelCam Camcorder for vlogging ($89.99).

Child 229, Boy 8. Favorite color: Blue. Clothes: Cat and Jack (Target) Jogger Pants B Med, T-shirts B Med, Slippers Y 4, Long socks Y4, Pajamas B Med. Toys: Adventure Force Crossbow, Nerf Roblox Arsenal Pulse Laser, VTech Kid zoom Creator Camcorder (Target $44.99).

Child 232, Girl 12. Favorite color: Pink. Clothes: Leggings Jr Med, SS Tops, Tie Dye if possible, Jr Lg, Hoodies, Tie Dye, if available, Jr Lg, Hat and Gloves, Underwear Jr 11, Socks W 8.5. Toys: Genshin Impact Theme Series Plush Toy. Gift cards: Target, Roblox.

Child 233, Girl 9. Favorite color: Pink. Clothes: Dresses G 16, Jeans or leggings G 16, LS or SS shirts G 16, Hat and Gloves, Underwear G 16, Socks Y4. Toys: Pink fugi insta max mini camera and accessories, Baby Doll stroller. Gift cards: Build A Bear.

Child 234, Girl 5. Clothes: Shoes Ch 11-12, princess dress G 6. Toys: barbie fizzy bath doll.

Child 235, Girl 4. Clothes: Shoes Ch 10-11, princess dress 5T. Toys: barbie doll house.

Child 236, Girl 1. Clothes: Shoes Ch 8-9, princess dress 3T. Toys: high chair for child.

Child 237, Girl 2 mos. Clothes: Snow Suit G 6- 9 mos, Warm Clothes G 6-9 mos, Pajamas G 6-9 mos. Toys: Walking Toy, Sit and Play Jumpy Chair. Gift cards: Target.

Child 238, Boy 9. Gift cards: Rock Wall GC.

Child 241, Boy 10. Favorite color: Blue. Clothes: Nike sweatshirt/hoodies B 14, Nike sweatpants B 14, Nike shoes Men 8, Black Socks 6-10, Boxers B Lg. Toys: Sky Viper v2900 Pro drone, Animal Crossing New Horizons Nintendo Switch game cartridge.

Child 242, Boy 7. Favorite color: Blue. Toys: Educational Insights Artie 3000 Coding Robot. Gift cards: Target, Walmart.

Child 243, Girl 15. Favorite color: Teal. Clothes: Socks W7, Underwear W Sm. Gift cards: PINK, American Eagle, Starbucks, Ulta.

Child 244, Girl 13. Favorite color: Red. Clothes: Sports Bras W Lg, Underwear W 10, Socks W7. Gift cards: Bath and Body Works, Dunkin Donuts, Primark, Apple.

Child 245, Boy 11. Favorite color: Blue. Clothes: LS Shirts B 10-12, Sweatshirts B Med, Pants (no jeans) B 10-12, Black Socks Y 5.5, Boxer Briefs B Med. Toys: Fluxx Fx3 hover board - Walmart. Gift cards: Target, Amazon.

Child 246, Boy 3. Favorite color: Red. Clothes: Pants B 3T, Fleece footless PJ's B 3T, Swearshirts B 4T, Socks Ch 9. Toys: Little Tikes Home Grown Kitchen. Gift cards: Kohl's, Amazon.

Child 247, Girl 16. Favorite color: Black. Clothes: White Nike crew socks Wom 9.5, Mens Nike Hoodie Men Sm, White No Show Socks Wom 9.5, PJ Bottoms Wom Sm. Gift cards: American Eagle, Paper Store, Visa.

Child 248, Boy 14. Favorite color: Red. Clothes: Nike Hoodie Men Med, Timberland-like Boots Men 12, White Nike crew socks Men 12. Gift cards: Bass Pro Shop, Best Buy, Visa.

Child 249, Boy 11. Favorite color: Blue. Clothes: Nike Sweatpants B 10-12, Timberland-like waterproof Boots Y 8.5, Mansfield sweatpants B 10-12, Fleece PJ Bottoms B 10-12, Nike white crew socks Y 8.5. Toys: Hot Wheels cars. Gift cards: Target, Visa.

Child 250, Girl 6. Favorite color: Blue, pink. Clothes: Full zip tracksuit, top and bottom G 7, Sneakers Y 12.5, Hat and Gloves, Tights G 7, Unicorn pajama with sleepy mask G 7, Underwear G 5T, Undershirts G 5T. Toys: Mermaid costume G 7, Pixies crystal flyers blue. Gift cards: Walmart.

Child 251, Boy 3. Favorite color: Blue, green. Clothes: Snow Boots Ch 10.5, Warm Jacket B 4T, Pull Ups B 4T, Paw patrol pajama cotton B 4T, Gloves and Hat, Paw Patrol Socks Ch 10.5. Toys: Spider man flying figure. Gift cards: Amazon.

Child 252, Girl 6 mos. Favorite color: Pink, yellow. Clothes: Any outfit G 9-12 mos, LS Wearable Blanket/Sleeping Bag for infant G 12-18 mos, Pajamas G 9-12 mos, Hat and Mittens, Tights G 9-12 mos. Toys: Night light with music and/or sounds. Gift cards: Walmart, Target.

Child 253, Girl 12. Favorite color: Blue, light purple. Clothes: Sweatpants and sweatshirt set Wom/teen Med, Socks W 10, Underwear W Sm. Toys: Fitbit watch, Professional art set (paint canvas brushes). Gift cards: American Eagle, Target.

Child 254, Girl 7. Favorite color: Blue, green. Clothes: Fall/winter type boots Y2, Socks Y2, Underwear G 8-10, Ballet tights G 10/Lg. Toys: LOL surprise doll set, Fitbit- kids watch with exercise tracking, Barbie house. Gift cards: Walmart, Target.

Child 255, Girl 4. Favorite color: Blue, pink. Clothes: Fall/winter boots Ch 12, Dresses G 7/8 Med, Socks Ch 11, Underwear G 7/8, Ballet tights Ch 7/M. Toys: Baby Alive Accessories. Gift cards: Target.

Child 259, Boy 14. Favorite color: Black. Gift cards: Zumiez, Zumiez, Zumiez, Amazon for JBL Portable Speaker.

Child 260, Girl 11. Favorite color: Purple. Clothes: Vans sk8 high top black Y 4, Girls Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott (jersey #4) G Med, Socks Y 4. Toys: Rabbitgoo cat tree tower 61” with hammock and scratching posts grey (Amazon), Drawing/coloring items. Gift cards: Amazon, Old Navy.

Child 261, Boy 10. Favorite color: Black, blue. Clothes: Nike Flex Runner Sneaker Black Y 6, Pants B 12 Husky. Toys: Castle art supplies graphite drawing pencils and sketch set 40pcs. Gift cards: Amazon, Target.

Child 262, Boy 16. Favorite color: Blue. Gift cards: Target, Walmart.

Child 263, Girl 9. Favorite color: Aqua, green. Gift cards: Target, Walmart.

Child 266, Boy 10. Favorite color: Black. Clothes: Sweatpants/Activewear B 16/18 likes dark colors, Winter jacket B 16/18 likes dark colors, Sneakers Men 8.5, Gloves, Black crew socks M 9. Toys: Xbox one controller, Helmet for bike/skateboarding. Gift cards: Walmart, Gas Card.

Child 267, Boy 6. Favorite color: Blue. Clothes: Winter jacket B 14-16, Sweatpants B 14-16 likes dark colors, Gloves, Back crew socks Y 7. Toys: Fun Card games. Gift cards: Walmart, Target.

Child 268, Boy 2. Favorite color: Blue. Clothes: Winter boots Ch 10, LS shirts 4T, Socks Ch 10. Toys: Vtech go go smartwheels race and play adventure park, Vtech paw patrol treat time Marshall or Vtech talking bear. Gift cards: Walmart, Target.

Child 272, Boy 8. Favorite color: Blue. Clothes: Sweatpants B 8, L/S Shirts B 8-10, Footie Pajamas B u8-10, Minecraft B 8-10, White Tshirts B Med. Toys: Xbox One Controller. Gift cards: Target, Xbox Card.

Child 273, Boy 3. Favorite color: Red. Clothes: Hooded Sweatshirt (looks like a lion) B 6, Footie Pajamas w/animal hood B 4-5, Socks Med. Toys: Bed Tent - Pj Mask or start sky. Gift cards: Target, Xbox Card.

Child 274, Boy 2. Favorite color: Yellow. Clothes: Warm LS Shirts B 2T, LS White t shirts B 2T-3T, Socks B 2T-3T. Toys: Fisher-Price Classics Tape Recorder. Gift cards: Fat Brain Toys.

Child 275, Boy 9. Favorite color: green, blue. Clothes: Jacket B 14-16, Athletic pants B 14, LS shirts B 14, Socks Y 6, Underwear B Lg, hat and gloves. Toys: Lego Minecraft the pig house, Lego Minecraft the ruined portal, Lego Minecraft the warped forest.