We Tested Sheertex’s 'Nearly Indestructible' Tights Made In Canada & Here Are The Results

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There's nothing more annoying than tights ripping as soon as you put them on. Sigh. There goes another $15.

Enter Sheertex. Sheertex is a female-led company based out of Montreal that designs "nearly indestructible" tights meant to last forever. The company uses the same type of fabric found in bulletproof vests and climbing equipment.

A pair of the Classic Sheer Tights are regularly $125 which seems steep but keep in mind these are virtually unbreakable and you'll never have to buy replacements ever again. Lucky for you, the company launched an early Black Friday sale and all items are up to 50% off! Now those classic tights are just $63.

Today, you can get the Backseam Classic Sheer Tights on sale for $106 (originally $151) and score free shipping plus a free gift with your order.

We Tested Sheertex’s 'Nearly Indestructible' Tights Made In Canada & Here Are The Results

The three of us all own a pair of Sheertex tights and so we put the product to the test. We tried poking, clawing, stretching and scratching the tights to see if they really are indestructible. Here's what we think.

May's Review

May Ning | Narcity

I love everything about the Classic Sheer Tights ($63, on sale) from the shaping high waist to the sheerness (keep an eye on the denier count on all the products for how thick you prefer yours to be). They're really comfy and a breeze to pull on. I pulled at them and did things I wouldn't dare do to my regular tights and they were as sturdy they claimed to be.

I definitely recommend getting a pair (or two!). If you wear tights often, you'll actually end up saving money long-term because you can wear these ones over and over again since they'll never rip.

Brittany's Review

Brittany Barber | Narcity Media

Runs? Rips? No thanks. It's safe to say that my Sheertex tights are the only tights I can actually live my life in. Whether I'm going out, playing with my dog or sitting on the floor taking pics in front of a mirror, I never have to worry about them ripping.

I went with the High Rise Tummy Smoothing Sheer Tights ($88, on sale) and I absolutely adore them. The smoothing aspect keeps my underwear lines hidden which is a huge plus for me. They're the perfect match for all my winter skirts and dresses. I'll ever wear them under a pair of pants for an extra layer of warmth without the bulk. Totally worth the price tag!

Natalia's Review

Natalia Buia | Narcity Media

I've had a pair of the Classic Sheer Tights for a few years now and recently ordered the Cross My Heart Classic Sheer Tights ($106, on sale) a few weeks ago. So far, both tights have yet to tear. I've done some pretty gnarly stuff and even got my cat to jump up and down on me with his big claws and zip, nada, zilch. No rips.

I think they're absolutely worth the money. It's 100% a solid fall/winter investment.

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