The Louis Vuitton ‘Tambour Horizon Light Up’ is a stunning luxury smartwatch with a glowing bezel

Aside from that beautiful glowing bezel, the Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon Light Up smartwatch also comes with the world’s first third-party OS to be bestowed with Apple’s “Made For iPhone” distinction.

The Louis Vuitton ‘Tambour Horizon Light Up’ is a stunning luxury smartwatch with a glowing bezel

Three full years after the company announced the 1st gen Tambour Horizon in 2019, Louis Vuitton is giving the smartwatch a refresh with a newer edition that offers endless customization wrapped within a design boldly and unabashedly highlights the LV brand. The watch comes with a 1.2-inch display that sits within a stainless steel body underneath a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. However, while most smartwatches with displays often fall within the trap of having a bezel (no matter how minimal it may be), the Tambour Horizon Light Up avoids that trap by turning the bezel into an interactive dynamic element too. As its name suggests, the bezel on the Tambour Horizon Light Up comes with Louis Vuitton’s monogram pattern, and 24 LEDs underneath that cause the patterns to glow in a wide array of colors. This gives the smartwatch the illusion of having a 360° ‘waterfall’ display that bends over the edges to create an endless screen effect.

The Tambour Horizon Light Up is equipped with an always-on display that shows you the time in a variety of customizable styles while also allowing you to access the smartwatch’s host of features either by using the touchscreen or the crown and two buttons on the right side of the watch. Notably, the watch comes with an operating system that’s been accredited with Apple’s “Made for iPhone” certification (while also being compatible with Android and even Huawei’s harmonyOS), and you can swipe right to access a ‘My Day’ tab that lets you view your daily tasks, step-counter, and heart rate. Swiping left, on the other hand, brings you to the Tambour Horizon Light Up’s special ‘My Travel’ page where you can access travel plans, view boarding passes, as well as tap into 30 of Louis Vuitton’s expertly curated city guides. Swiping down reveals your notifications while swiping up lets you view the weather and air quality based on your location.

The Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon Light Up is priced rather unsurprisingly at $,3300 (it’s a luxury smartwatch after all). The device will be available for purchase worldwide via Louis Vuitton’s website and at retail stores.

Designer: Louis Vuitton

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