Tesla removes Cybertruck specs and prices from its website Guides

Tesla has updated its Cybertruck web page to remove Cybertruck specs and prices for each configuration of the electric pickup truck.

It comes after the highly anticipated electric vehicle has been delayed to next year.

When unveiling the Cybertruck back in 2019, Tesla announced that the electric pickup truck would be offered in three different configurations:

These configurations, specs, and pricing stayed on Tesla’s website and pre-order page for the Cybertruck since the launch two years ago.

Last night, Tesla updated the Cybertruck web page to remove any mention of those configurations:

The pre-order page also doesn’t make any mention of locking in the $10,000 price of the Full-Self Driving package.

Tesla’s new main page for Cybertruck also doesn’t feature spec sheets anymore like this one:

The automaker now only mentions some of top specs, like a towing capability of over 14,000 pounds and 0-60 mph in “as little as 2.9 seconds,” which were previously specs associated with the top of the line tri motor Cybertruck.

Tesla removes Cybertruck specs and prices from its website Guides

Tesla also mentions a range of “up to 500 miles of range” when it previously mentioned a range of “500+ miles.”

This update comes after Tesla officially delayed the start of Cybertruck production to late 2022.

Electrek’s Take

A move like that would generally mean that Tesla doesn’t necessarily plan to launch the Cybertruck with those specific configurations and that the specs and prices have changed.

That’s to be expected since they likely evolved over the last two years, and especially since we have probably another full year now before the electric pickup truck reaches production.

We previously speculated that at the very least the prices of the Cybertruck would need to be updated.

The $39,900 base price was always ambitious, but it has become unimaginable after some of the recent price increases to the Model 3.

It would be hard to imagine Tesla selling the base Cybertruck for $39,900 when the model 3 starts at $42,000.

Yet, the base version of the Cybertruck is expected to become the last to be available, and we don’t expect it until late 2023-2024. A lot of things can change in the meantime.

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