Society for Information Display Unveils the 2022 Honors and Awards Winners

CAMPBELL, Calif., March 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The Society for Information Display (SID) announced the 2022 Honors and Awards Winners, presented to those who have achieved outstanding innovations and offered significant contributions to the display industry. The recipients all have made tremendous accomplishments that have furthered research, pushed the boundaries of discovery, and improved technology. The honorees will receive their award in conjunction with SID's annual Display Week, May 8-13, in San Jose, California.

"Great innovators tend to have many things in common," says Paul Drzaic, Chair of the SID Honors and Awards committee. "What we see in our award winners is a drive to succeed, a passion for discovery and exploring new opportunities, and a deep respect for their colleagues in the electronic display community. SID is pleased to recognize these achievements, and bring attention to our award winners within the display community and the wider world."

The following recipients are being honored for their excellence:

Karl Ferdinand Braun Prize

The Karl Ferdinand Braun Prize is awarded for outstanding technical achievement, which has also had substantial impact on the display industry. The Braun Prize is SID's most prestigious individual award, honoring those people who have pioneered the technologies underpinning commercial displays.

Wei ChenandJohn Zhongare winners of theKarl Ferdinand Braun Prizefor their exceptional leadership and technical contributions in driving innovation in displays for the consumer electronics industry, especially computers, mobile phones, electronic tablets, and smart watches. As technologists, they contributed to numerous inventions that go into displays today. As leaders in a system company, they have transformed the status of electronic displays from a commodity component to one of the most expressive and value-added user-interface devices. Their profound impact goes beyond displays to computers, smartphones, electronic tablets, and smart watches. Additionally, Chen and Zhong have played a crucial role in driving applications of new display technology in high-volume consumer products.

Jan Rachman Prize

The Jan Rajchman Prize is awarded for outstanding scientific or technical contributions to electronic display technology. This award is open to academic achievement, in addition to notable technology developments that are recognized as groundbreaking in their field.

Jin Jangis the recipient of the 2022Jan Rajchman Prizefor his many contributions to the advancement of novel thin-film transistor (TFT) technologies and pioneering application of TFTs in active-matrix OLED (AMOLED), AMLCD, microLED, and flexible displays. Some of his key technologies for TFTs include a giant grain, low-temperature, poly-Si TFT; self-organized, organic semiconductor TFT on hydrophilic surfaces; and bulk accumulation mode oxide TFTs used for manufacturing AMOLED displays on plastic substrates.

David Sarnoff Industrial Achievement Prize

The David Sarnoff Industrial Achievement Prize is conferred for major impact on the business of the electronic display industry, honoring those people whose leadership has shaped the current industry.

SangDeog Yeois the winner of theDavid Sarnoff Industrial AchievementPrizefor his outstanding contributions to the development of large-scale commercialization technology for large OLED displays used in TV applications and for high-resolution LCD panels for mobile applications.

Peter Brody Prize

The Peter Brody Prize is awarded to researchers and engineers under the age of 40 who have made major technical or scientific contributions to electronic display technology.

Keisuke Ideis the recipient of thePeter Brody Prizefor his pioneering research on defect analysis of amorphous oxide semiconductors (AOSs) and developments of novel active-matrix displays (AMDs) using indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO).

Society for Information Display Unveils the 2022 Honors and Awards Winners

Slottow–Owaki Prize

This Slottow-Owaki Prize is awarded for outstanding contributions to the education and training of students and/or professionals in the field of electronic displays.

TheSlottow–Owaki PrizewinnerHiroyoshi Naitoreceived this award for his contributions to the education of graduate and undergraduate students and research professionals in display material characterization and display device physics.

Otto Schade Prize

The Otto Schade Prize is awarded for outstanding scientific or technical achievement in the image quality of electronic displays. It recognizes vision scientists, human factor engineers, and engineers whose efforts have led to major improvements in the visual quality of electronic displays.

Taiichiro Kuritais the recipient of theOtto Schade Prizefor his outstanding achievements in characterizing and dramatically improving the moving-image quality of active-matrix displays and video systems and enabling the introduction of ever-higher display resolution for flat-panel televisions.

Lewis and Beatrice Winner Award

The Lewis and Beatrice Winner Award is given for exceptional and sustained service to SID.

Sriram (Sri) Peruvembais the recipient of the 2022Lewis and Beatrice Winner Awardfor his service as chair of marketing for SID, his leadership of the Bay Area Chapter for SID, and other SID leadership roles, leading to substantial increases in SID membership and public engagement.

A more comprehensive description of the award winners is included in the Display Week 2022 Show Issue of Information Display magazine or Also

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