New Solar-Powered Smartwatch Comes With 'Unlimited Battery': How It Works

A brand new solar-powered smartwatch comes with unlimited battery life. Created by Garmin, the smartwatch wants you to get some sunlight!

The new Garmin Instinct 2 series comes in two sizes. The base model has 45 mm diameter, while the Instinct 2S comes with 40 mm diameter if you have a smaller wrist. The unlimited battery is part of the company's solar energy packed features.

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What is unlimited battery?

Don't like unlimited battery or the sunlight? Don't worry, the watches also come in non-solar versions. Of course, there's a catch.

New Solar-Powered Smartwatch Comes With 'Unlimited Battery': How It Works

The unlimited battery only works if you spend 3 hours each day outside in "50,000 lux conditions." If you end buying the non-solar models, the battery on those lasts for about four weeks.


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The company appears to have designed the smartwatch for those who spend a long time in the sun, like surfers, those in military forces, and truckers. On top of solar-charging, the smartwatch comes with stock features to track your health metrics like heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, sleep cycles, periods, and more.


The smartwatch series starts at $350 (₹26,371) for the standard edition. There are 20 colour options to choose from. For the solar version, the lowest price benchmark is $400 (₹30,139).

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Mind you, these smartwatches are not the regular Apple Watch users but instead designed for health fanatics. Garmin claims the "this watch is built tough to handle the long-haul challenges of life on the road" and can offer up to 28 days of battery in smartwatch mode. If you use the watch for specific health purposes, the battery will last for a lesser period of time.

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