Leaked screenshots show Google Wear OS 3 redesign

Samsung abandoned its own Tizen OS in favor of Google’s Wear OS 3 for the Galaxy Watch4 generation. However, the OS itself is in a curious position – we rarely get to see the OS in its natural form and then mostly in leaks. The Galaxy watches run a version skinned with One UI on the Samsung watches.

Several screenshots have leaked of Wear OS 3 again, showing minor changes from older versions. Naturally, these changes push the looks of the software closer towards Android 12 and the Material You design, as can be seen in the Google Assistant screenshot.

The redesigned Google Assistant tile in Wear OS 3

The step counter is interesting too, its new icon hints at integration with Fitbit. This was also seen in marketing images of the Google Pixel Watch, which is yet to made official after months of leaks and rumors.

Leaked screenshots show Google Wear OS 3 redesign

The new step counter icon hints at Fitbit integration

Next up, Messages. It shows the a user avatar, name and last time of contact, plus a couple of the latest messages. You can also see the main screen of the Messages app that lets you start a new chat along with the most recent chats.

The Messages tile

A few more screenshots show off the Next event tile, YouTube Music and Google Pay. Note that the previous screenshots (from December) came from an emulator and the design has changed since then. These new ones are sourced from the latest version of the Wear OS companion app.

Next event • YouTube Music • Google Pay

The Google Pixel Watch may be the first to run a clean Wear OS 3. It will probably launch alongside the Pixel 6a at the end of May.