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A Quiet Place 2 is finally hitting the theaters after the momentous Covid-induced delays of the last year. And if you're anything like us, you've probably found yourself in a near-constant state of hyper-alertness about the film in the run-up to its release. We wouldn't be surprise if you were wondering when you'll be able to watch it at home.

While it's probably not quite the same levels of fear-induced mega-alertness of the film’s Abbott family, who find themselves under siege and hemmed in by a bunch of marauding reptile predators — we’ve certainly been keeping tabs on its arrival. And in that spirit, here is a rundown of where and how you can watch Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Cillian Murphy and the rest of the cast in the long-awaited A Quiet Place 2.

How and where to watch A Quiet Place 2

A Quiet Place 2 is now available to watch at theaters in the US, where it arrived on May 28, 2021. It's coming to UK cinemas on June 4. The big screen is clearly the best option for a film of this magnitude, plus it dials the scares up ten-fold.

But what about streaming, you ask?

Paramount will put A Quiet Place 2 on Paramount Plus. Unfortunately, it's not in the same way that Disney movies like Raya and the Last Dragon and Cruella head to Disney Plus on the same day — or how HBO Max got Godzilla vs Kong the same day as theaters.

Variety notes that movies will take 45 days to get to Paramount Plus after the theater release, so you should be able to stream A Quiet Place 2 in your own quiet place sometime around July 12, 2021.


How to watch A Quiet Place 2 | Tom's Guide Tom's Guide

Paramount Plus combines what used to be CBS All Access with even more content from the deep ViacomCBS vault. For $4.99 per month, get access to Survivor and Big Brother episodes, as well as originals like Star Trek: Picard and The Good Fight.

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Paramount Plus is currently available to subscribers in America, Canada and the Nordics. It's set to launch in Australia in August but isn't currently available in the UK. if you're not in any of the countries listed, fear not though, and read on for a workaround to this.

How much does Paramount Plus cost?

Paramount Plus has several options in terms of membership. Previously, you could grab an ad-supported plan for $6 a month ($60 a year) and a premium plan for $10 a month ($100 a year).

Starting from June, Paramount Plus will replace this ad-supported plan with a cheaper option for $5 a month. However, one caveat is that this will not include live streaming for your local CBS network.

How to stream A Quiet Place 2 anywhere, with a VPN

If everything else fails, then it's possible to watch Paramount Plus from the UK with the help of a handy VPN.

We've evaluated many options, and the best VPN is ExpressVPN. It meets the VPN needs of the vast majority of users, offering outstanding compatibility with most devices and impressive connection speeds. It works well with Paramount Plus and it's also affordable at $12.95 per month. (Signing up for longer periods of six months or a year reduces the cost even more.)

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