Best Mother's Day gifts for new mums on a fitness kick

What do you buy your wellness-loving new mama friend/sister/wife for Mother's Day? Having a baby is a big deal both physically and mentally, and it can take a while to adjust to the new normal. But once she's ready to get her fitness back, a little encouragement can go a long way.

Best Mother's Day gifts for new mums on a fitness kick

That said, while you absolutely should support your new mum on her fitness journey, we also suggest you proceed with caution. Gift her a new sports bra and you could hurt her feelings and put her health at risk if it's too soon to get back in the gym. Check in with mum first to see if she's ready.

The general rule of thumb as advised by the NHS, is that provided mama had a straightforward birth, she can start gentle exercise include walking, stretching and pelvic floor strengthening as soon as she feels able. However, all new mamas are advised to wait until after the 6-week postnatal check with their GP or midwife before they start any type of high-impact exercise regime.

So, if the new baby is less than six weeks old, hold off on the dumbbells until she's been given the all-clear. But if mum and baby are ready and able to embrace fitness, then now is the time to get shopping!

Best Mother's Day Gifts To Help New Mums Get Fit

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