A Week On The Wrist The Apple Watch Series 5 Edition In Titanium

When the Series 2 debuted in 2016, these models were suspiciously absent. Apple mostly declined to comment about it, simply saying that the collection would be evolving over the years and this was part of that. We still don't know how many gold Apple Watches were sold, but most analysts think the number was pretty small, relatively speaking. When you're talking about Apple, "small numbers" could easily mean tens or hundreds of thousands of units.

A Week On The Wrist The Apple Watch Series 5 Edition In Titanium

Then with the Series 3 we got a pair of ceramic models in white and space grey, which Ben reviewed right here. These Edition Watches were priced just a hair over $1,000, so they were still more than twice the price of the introductory models, but they weren't anywhere near the original gold models. I think most of us here around HODINKEE HQ were fans – the Apple Watch's curvy design is perfectly suited to polished ceramic.

That's exactly why I was disappointed to see the Edition collection disappear yet again last year with the release of Series 4. Instead, we got the new gold-colored steel model, which seemed to step in as last year's most luxe option. I like that Apple Watch plenty, but it doesn't have quite the same gravitas as the ceramic.