5 of the best places to shop for new and pre-owned Rolex watches online

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5 of the best places to shop for new and pre-owned Rolex watches online

Rolex is arguably the most recognizable watch brand in existence — and for good reason. For more than a century, the based brand has produced some of the best Swiss-made timepieces. Worn by everyone from U.S. Presidents and A-list celebrities to astronauts on the moon and professional scuba divers in the depths of the ocean, Rolex is widely accepted as a watch brand that's equally timeless in style and high-end in build quality.

As one of the most desirable watch brands, Rolexes are undoubtedly expensive, but you shouldn't count yourself out from ever owning one. Rather than going directly to a Rolex dealer where you'll end up paying MSRP or potentially higher, you can save money by shopping online at select shops.

We're rounded up five of the best places to shop for Rolex watches (and other luxury timepiece brands) online. You can learn how each shop verifies the authenticity and other benefits like warranties and accurate pricing.

Whether you're searching for a collectible watch from years past or you want the best deal on a classic timepiece, you can find it here.