13 Signs That Your Partner Has Lost Interest In You.

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When someone behaviour gradually changes, naturally it makes us feel weird. Might be he/she is no more interested in you. Compatibility, honesty, trust and better communication is the foundation of any healthy relationship. During the life span, we have to face many ups and downs, which gave a little bump to the relationships as well. If you came here to read this article that means you’ve already come to the stage where your partner doesn’t care about anything related to you and your partner has lost interest in you. So, Stop finding yourself wondering of ways to make them care so the relationship could work, If they did, you wouldn’t feel the need to wonder that in the first place.

Primarily, before proceeding ahead all you need to understand that every relationship is different in its way Because a relationship is a union of two completely different people with different thoughts, upbringings and backgrounds. Sometimes similar but still every person has its own thought process and a different perception towards life. Therefore, before making any mental disturbance based on the following points, I would like to suggest you to closely analyse your whole relationship journey and the contribution of both of you.

Just go to your partner and have a heart to heart conversation and clear out all the grudges or misunderstandings. Moreover, we have 15 signs that your partner has lost interest in you. Let’s check out what is relatable to you.

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13 Signs That Your Partner has lost Interest In You:

  1. They Communicate less.

    When was the last time you and your partner listened to each other? Communication is one of the key element in maintaining a relationship. Is your partner not properly communicating with you? Is he/she stop calling, messaging or talking to you? then it’s a red flag that your partner has lost interest in you. After all who doesn’t want to talk with a person care about you.

  2. They rarely set time for you.

    Two people in a healthy relationship always make time for each other, nearly without complaint. Earlier you guys are used to spending lots of time together but now your partner is “too busy” to spend quality time with you. This is one of the basic things someone who claims to be interested in you should offer you his/her time. If this is missing, then their interest in you is questionable.

  3. They are around only when they want something.

    A disinterested partner has become more selfish one. Most of the time they don’t pretend ignoring you but you can easily realise he/she is not into you. When they need something only then they come to you.

  4. They don’t care about what is going in your life.

    When people treat you like they don’t care, believe them. Maybe you are going through some problems or even you achieve something. They simply not showing any feelings of excitement or worry for you. That is a strong sign of being in an unhealthy relationship.

  5. They suddenly become mean.

    Being ignored by someone whose attention means the world to you is the worst feeling. Your partner sometimes becomes so mean that his/her words act like a sword stab into the heart. He/she could abuse you over financial, health and stability matters. The worst mistake you can make is to stay in such a toxic relationship with the idea that you can change the other person.

  6. You don’t feel special.

    They stop complimenting you. They stop asking “How was your day”? With the passing time, your partner has lost attraction towards you. They don’t make the first move to praise you. Maybe your relationship dynamics have undergone some changes too.

  7. They don’t talk about the future.

    A disinterested partner has lost taking interest in future planning. This is another red flag. Sometimes your partner has plans but he is not intended to tell you. If he/she doesn’t include you in his plans, then he is probably not planning to stick around for long.

  8. They start Lying.

    It becomes stressful when you find your partner is consistently lying to you. This is severely breaking your trust over them. Confront them with honesty and openness.

  9. Lack of Intimacy

    Intimacy is one of the most important factors in a healthy relationship. Have you realized that are you not getting intimate much as before? And it is always you who make the first move and he rejects to get cosy with you. Then you must alert that your partner has lost interest in you. No intimacy is like to be just roommates. Talk to your partner about their sexual interest.

  10. You feel alone even they are around you.

    There is an unknown emptiness even your partner is around. If you find yourself crying alone, and suffering in silence when you are together, it’s time to understand that something isn’t right. Even if the other person won’t tell you that they aren’t interested, it should be easy to determine for yourself. When you feel bad, emotionally and mentally, because of how someone treats you, it’s time to move on and walk away.

  11. They are always unapologetic, you do all the apologies.

    Are you in a relationship where an only one-sided apology is made? Your partner does not even bother to apologize for any mistake. Such a relationship where only your fault is found when you are not wrong. It is prudent to get out of such a relationship. If there is no forgiveness in the relationship, then it is not a relationship.

  12. They are reluctant to introduce you to people matter to them

    If someone truly loves you, he never hides his relationship with people. People who are in true relationship proudly introduce you with their family, friends or colleagues. If this is not the case with you, then perhaps your partner is not particularly interested in you.

  13. They seem to keep lots of secrets

    Partners are meant to be emotionally, physically connected. Can you boldly say that you’re connected in these ways if your man keeps a lot of things away from you? You keep asking your partner about what is going on in their life but there is no answer from their side. If he truly loves you, then he would definitely make you aware of everything in his life. Isn’t it a negative sign? Keeping lots of secretes clearly means they are not comfortable with you.

    Conclusively, every couple should have to keep in mind there is nothing called perfect relationship. There will be flaws and boons in every relationship. If you find any above points relatable to you. Simply arrange a cool and calm conversation session. Try to resolve the issues. Sometimes it is not what we think.

All the best!

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13 Signs That Your Partner Has Lost Interest In You.