Withings' Body+ smart scale is 41 percent off for today only

If you're seriously sticking to your New Year's resolution this time around to live a healthier lifestyle and want a digital scale to monitor the changes to your body, Withings has one on sale. The Withings Body+ smart scale is currently available for $58.50 on Amazon. That's not quite its all-time low for the device, but it is 41 percent off its retail price of $100.

Buy Withings Body+ Digital Wi-Fi Smart Scale at Amazon - $58.50

The Withings Body+ connects to the internet via WiFi and automatically syncs your information with the Health Mate app. While it can't measure your heart rate like the the brand's latest scale can, the Body+ is capable of almost all the things you'd expect from a smart scale. It can monitor your weight in pounds, kilograms or stones, measure your body fat and water percentage and determine your muscle and bone mass. Withings says its weight measurements are accurate to within 100 grams.

Withings' Body+ smart scale is 41 percent off for today only

You can also share the scale with your whole household, and maybe even some houseguests, since it monitor data for up to eight people. The scale can apparently identify each user, and each one can access their personal histories. And yes, the scale can track healthy weight gain for pregnant individuals, has a baby mode for the youngest members of the family and an Athlete mode, presumably for those extra serious about achieving their goals. Finally, the Health Mate app can also help you manage your daily calories and let you access your data using voice control through Alexa.

You can only get the Body+ scale at a discount within the day, and there's less than 20 hours left for the deal as of this writing.

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