The best bathroom scale of 2020

One of the easiest ways to monitor your overall health is to step on a bathroom scale once each day so you’re alerted to any changes. However, the feedback you receive from weighing yourself is only of use if it’s accurate.

Each year, as technology advances, new models are released, making it difficult to know which bathroom scales are truly the best.


We've scrutinized the market and found three models that are worthy of being included on our short list. To learn which bathroom scales made the cut and why, keep reading.

Best bathroom scales of 2020


1.Withings'Body+Smart Body Composition WiFi Digital Scale:This highly advanced scale is packed with features not found on other models, making it our new top choice.

2.EatSmart Products' Precision Digital Bathroom Scale:A new entry on our list, this is a solid, no-frills, affordable scale that gets the job done.

3.Ozeri's Rev Electro-Mechanical Bathroom Scale:With its large numbers, retro design, and comfortable price, this model easily earns a spot on our short list.

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What you need to know before buying a bathroom scale

The broadest choice you have when choosing a bathroom scale is whether you want an analog or a digital model. An analog scale translates the movement of springs into a measurement of weight. These models can be hard to read and are often used as an estimate more than an exact measurement of weight. A digital scale, however, uses a strain gauge load cell that converts the strain placed on the sensor to a weight, which typically displays in increments of 0.2 pounds.

Besides offering a more precise measurement, a digital scale may have other benefits, such as a memory that stores and tracks your weight and multi-user capabilities. Additionally, a digital scale is usually compatible with smart devices so your weight can be automatically entered into a fitness app every time you step on the scale. Some digital scales claim to gather a wide variety of other measurements such as body fat and water weight, but these measurements might not be as accurate as the weight measurement.

Whether you're choosing an analog or a digital scale, make sure the platform is large enough to easily step on and the maximum weight capacity is well above your weight. Make sure it's well-built so it doesn't easily break and can last for years. Finally, no matter which type of scale you purchase, you want the calibration process to be painless and uncomplicated.

At the extreme ends of the overall price range, you can get a bathroom scale for $5 or $500. The average user can probably find models in the $20 to $50 range for their needs. If you want a little higher tech, greater connectivity, and versatility, you may want to consider models around $100.


The best bathroom scale of 2020

Q. How do I achieve an accurate weight measurement with a bathroom scale?

A.Calibrate your scale, place it on a hard, flat surface, and carefully step on -- no stomping. Be aware that holding onto a door or furniture to maintain balance produces an inaccurate reading.

Q. Do I need to calibrate my scale?

A.Yes. When you calibrate your bathroom scale, you're helping to ensure an accurate weight measurement (e.g. 160 pounds displays as 160 pounds). With most models, this action needs to be performed each time you move your scale. Each scale may be calibrated in a slightly different way, so read instructions to learn how to properly calibrate your particular model.

In-depth reviews for best bathroom scales

Best of the best:Withings' Body+ Smart Body Composition WiFi Digital Scale

What we like:This scale measures weight and body composition to provide a comprehensive snapshot of your health. It's compatible with Apple Health, Fitbit, and Google Fit, as well as numerous fitness apps.

What we dislike:Some individuals had a difficult time with the app setup.

Best bang for your buck:EatSmart Products' Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

What we like:The large platform (12 x 13 inches) features a large LCD readout, making this scale easy to use. It employs thick tempered glass for safety and measures in increments of 0.2 pounds.

What we dislike:Recalibrating is necessary whenever the unit is moved.

Choice 3:Ozeri's Rev Electro-Mechanical Bathroom Scale

What we like:This scale measures in 0.1-pound increments, has both a dial and a digital display, and has a 400-pound capacity. The built-in alarm reminds you to check your weight at the same time every day.

What we dislike:Although the unit is advertised as mechanical, it needs batteries to function.

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