The 9 Best Bathroom Scales, As Tested in Our Lab

Whether you’re following a fitness program, managing a chronic condition, or taking better control of your health, a bathroom scale can help you monitor your progress and keep your weight on track. If you need consistent readings, it's worth purchasing a bathroom scale for your home. Now there are options on the market that aren’t just for monitoring weight—bathroom scales can also track metrics like body fat, BMI, and bone mass readings.

The 9 Best Bathroom Scales, As Tested in Our Lab

When considering all the options, you may prefer something high-tech with Bluetooth connectivity—or you may lean more towards a no-frills device that’s straight to the point. To find the right one for you and your goals, keep in mind your budget and preferences when it comes to a device’s weight capacity, metrics, and added features. Huma Sheikh, MD, a neurologist at Mount Sinai in New York City and member of the Verywell Health Medical Expert Board, says that the most important are ease of use and its ability to give consistent readings. “It should be easy to calibrate in between uses so that it is grounded to zero and should be accurate to about two decimal places if someone is looking for small changes in weight," she says.

We purchased 23 options of all shapes and sizes, including smart, digital, and dial scales, and put them to the test in The Verywell Testing Lab. After capturing their weight on a medical-grade scale under the supervision of Kelli Anne Naughton, NP, our testers conducted a three-part test for reading consistency. First, they stepped on the scale for an initial read, then a second time to see how consistent the scale is on a different surface (e.g. tile versus carpet), and a third time while holding a dumbbell to see how well each scale captured controlled weight fluctuations. We also conducted a durability test by dropping a weighted dopp kit at waist-height onto the scales and assessing for any damage.

Throughout the three tests, we also evaluated the scales’ setup, data storage, display and readability, ease of use, durability, and overall value—offering ratings out of five, with five being the highest score. After eight hours of testing, and compiling and reviewing our feedback, these are the best nine bathroom scales that would make a great addition to your home, and wellness journey.