Salter Phantom Electronic Scales

The Salter Phantom Electronic Scales, with their stylish black tempered glass platform, add a touch of class to weight management. They weigh up to 180kg or 28 stone, 8 lbs. You also get an instant reading as soon as you step on them. It has extra feet, and when they're fitted it means they can be used on carpet as well as hard floors. When used on both surfaces the accuracy was similar. The white LED display is hidden until you stand on the scales and the white numbers can easily be seen against the black background. The platform is very compact and would not be suitable for those with large feet. Like other glass scales, the platform is slippery when wet.

Salter Phantom Electronic Scales

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Price when tested: £29.99

GHI Expert Verdict

Stylish scales with good accuracy but the platform is small, and can also be quite slippery when wet. We like the easy to read display and how quickly you get a reading when you stand on the scales.


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