Renogy Donates Portable Power Stations to Assist Communities in Wake of Kentucky Tornadoes

ONTARIO, Calif., March 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Renogy, a leading commercial provider of renewable energy products, today announced the company will be donating 64 portable power stations to Direct Relief, a humanitarian nonprofit, to assist communities affected by the recent tornados across Western Kentucky. The donation is set to help communities across the region cope with unreliable power supplies and outages, as well as assist those who rely on electrical medical devices, as critical electrical infrastructure is rebuilt.

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According to USA Today, the tornadoes claimed 77 lives and left more than 163 miles of destruction in its wake. A number of sources have claimed that theestimated cost of damage to propertysits above $6 billion. Governor Andy Bashear stated that the devastation was unlike anything he had ever seen.

"During times of crisis, it's vital for us to come together and support each other however we can," says Yi Li, CEO at Renogy. "Currently, many of those affected across Western Kentucky don't have reliable access to electricity and are unable to light their homes, charge devices and keep food refrigerated. The donation of our Phoenix Portable Power Stations in partnership with Direct Relief will ensure those affected will have reliable access to electricity as the arduous task of cleaning up, rebuilding and healing emotionally from the loss of human life and devastation is underway."

Direct Relief is a humanitarian organization committed to improving both the health and lives of people across the United States and globe affected by poverty or emergencies. In addition to delivering lifesaving medical sources throughout the world and to local communities in need, Direct Relief partners with a range of vendors to provide infrastructure support for power to ensure communities are able to cope while they recover and rebuild.

In terms of the tornadoes which affected Western Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi, Direct Relief has been delivering support to the community from the onset. From over-the-counter products such as nutritional supplements and allergy medications, to medical supplies like Tdap vaccines, asthma medicine and critical wound care products, Direct Relief is doing all they can to ensure those impacted by the storm have access to lifesaving medical supplies and care. The organization has also supplied two large scale solar generators, and now an additional 64 portable power units from Renogy are due to be disbursed.

"Resilient power is essential for health, enabling cold storage for medicines, powering electronic medical records and keeping the lights on for community clinics and organizations. Access to power becomes even more critical during a disaster," said Leighton Jones, Direct Relief's Director of U.S. Emergency Response. "Direct Relief is deeply grateful to Renogy for its support to communities recently impacted by devastating tornadoes and the portable power units will ensure communities are even more resilient in the future."

 Renogy Donates Portable Power Stations to Assist Communities in Wake of Kentucky Tornadoes

Renogy is known for its range of renewable energy products, including power banks, batteries and solar panels. Like the Phoenix Power Station, the more recently released LYCAN 5000 Power Box can help keep anyone prepared for emergencies with even greater capabilities. This all-in-one power box is capable of powering heavy-duty home and outdoor appliances and can be connected both with the grid and solar panels to provide 24/7 power during both long and short-term outages. The Lycan 5000 was also designed specifically to supply power during emergencies, with fast-charging capabilities and a durable build. These features will be especially useful in assisting affected communities through the provision of reliable power as they rebuild and recover.

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A humanitarian organization committed to improving the health and lives of people affected by poverty and emergencies, Direct Relief delivers lifesaving medical resources throughout the U.S. and world to communities in need—without regard to politics, religion, or ability to pay. For more information, visit

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