Power in the Courts: When Tenants Fight Back

When it comes to eviction court, tenants are far less likely than property owners to be represented by an attorney. That makes it especially difficult for them to understand their rights and navigate the complex system.

Power in the Courts: When Tenants Fight Back

The right to counsel is something that tenant advocates are pushing for across the country, and more cities and states are considering it, especially in light of the economic hardship caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this episode of Sold Out, we’ll go to Fresno in California’s Central Valley, where rents are rising, and meet tenant advocates who have organized to push for a right to counsel. And we'll also visit New York, where this movement took off, and speak to the activists behind it.


ERIKA KELLY, EDITOR: I'm Erika Kelly, the editor of Sold Out: Rethinking Housing in America, here to say thank you for listening to the show.