NHS Weight Loss Plan: What to Expect From the 12 Week Diet & Exercise Plan

Heard of the NHS weight loss plan? It's the national roll out of a 12-week guide to losing weight in a healthy and sustainable way and will, hopefully, make the nation more resilient to COVID-19. At least, that's what the government hopes.

Free to access, this plan requires no previous exercise or diet experience, just the commitment to keep going, even when it feels tough. We believe in you, we just need you to believe in yourself!

What is it?

The NHS weight loss plan is a 12-week guide to help people lose weight for good. Part of the government's push to tackle rising obesity levels and get people up and moving, the plan will help you keep track of your exercise, diet and weight loss. You can choose between an app or printable, downloadable PDFs.

NHS Weight Loss Plan: What to Expect From the 12 Week Diet & Exercise Plan

The free to download NHS Weight Loss Plan app is available for iPhone and Android.


Is the NHS weight loss plan free?

Yep, 100% free. The app is designed to make sustainable weight loss accessible for all, which means you won't need to pay a penny to track your progress and learn new healthy habits.

What to expect from the plan

There's also a 'discover' section of the app packed full with articles on healthy eating, exercise, alcohol consumption, tips for success and maintaining your healthy weight loss.

And, once you've scoured all the info available on the app, check out other fitness apps that can help you count calories, log your activity or help look after your sleep hygiene.

The third section of the app is reserved for tracking your progress on a chart generated by the app. Your weekly weight and waist measurements are kept here to help make seeing your journey as a whole easier than ever.

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