Miroculus Announces Commercial Launch of Miro Canvas, a Digital Microfluidics Platform to Automate Complex Next-Generation Sequencing Protocols

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Miroculus, Inc., a developer of revolutionary tools for personal lab automation, today announced the formal launch of the Miro Canvas, a compact, easy-to-use digital microfluidics platform that enables on-demand automation of complex next-generation sequencing (NGS) sample preparation protocols.

The Miro Canvas platform offers clear advantages over both expensive, liquid handling systems which require lengthy set up times to automate protocols and are not suited for on-demand sequencing and manual preparation. With this platform, users can simplify, automate, and miniaturize complex NGS library prep, improving library consistency and eliminating the need for robotics. The automation enabled by the platform is well-suited for laboratories that do not run a high volume of sequencing samples and want improved control over sample processing.

“We designed the Miro Canvas platform to be a simple, user-friendly system that can readily adapt to the varied and often unpredictable sample processing needs of the lower throughput NGS lab,” said Alejandro Tocigl, Miroculus CEO. “Because the Miro Canvas enables on-demand automation rather than requiring the laboratory to delay sequencing until enough samples are batched, users can initiate the sequencing process as soon as samples come in.”

Miroculus Announces Commercial Launch of Miro Canvas, a Digital Microfluidics Platform to Automate Complex Next-Generation Sequencing Protocols

All NGS prep protocols, even the most complex, can be digitally encoded, fully automated, and run on Miro Canvas systems in the same lab or around the world, with a universal cartridge and without requiring any hardware changes between runs. This allows users to reduce protocol times and manual interventions and minimizes the chance of human error interfering with sequencing results.

“We have shown that rapid whole genome sequencing for critically ill infants with suspected genetic disorders leads to better health outcomes and lower medical costs,” said Stephen Kingsmore, MD, President and CEO of Rady Children's Institute for Genomic Medicine in San Diego, California. “For these infants, we need to start the sequencing process immediately, regardless of when samples arrive at our laboratory. Miro Canvas enables us to begin sample preparation right away, without the need to wait for other samples to come in for sequencing or to have specially trained team members on standby around the clock.”

Because the Miro Canvas automation system maintains performance of industry-leading sequencing platforms (including short read and long read) and utilizes very gentle sample handling, the integrity of high molecular weight DNA is supported during the library prep process. Miro Canvas can also automate exome and other hybrid capture protocols, one of the most laborious protocols in NGS library prep. The platform requires limited space, can be installed by the user, requires no programing or configuration, and is offered at a price that is within the reach of most sequencing laboratories.

“Preparing a PacBio library with the Miro Canvas requires only a few minutes of operator time to setup. The Miro Canvas does the rest,” said Janet Ziegle, Principal Scientist at PacBio, a leading provider of highly accurate sequencing platforms. “It provides a way for labs to reduce labor with automation at the scale of individual preps.”

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Miroculus develops revolutionary tools for personal lab automation. Our technology offers industry-leading assay flexibility and automation capacity in an affordable digital microfluidics platform, enabling seamless workflow integration for both established and novel molecular protocols. For more information, visit us at, @miroculus or LinkedIn.