Michael Mosley explains 'easy' exercise equivalent to running 10 marathons

Simply standing up could help you burn calories and lose weight, according to a nutritional expert.

Doctor Michael Mosley, who popularised diets including The Fast 800 and 5:2, claims that simply rising to your feet is the secret to slimming down.

Speaking on his podcast, Just One Thing, the Doctor explained that those tired of incessant exercise could switch to an easier alternative and still shed pounds.

According to The Express, simply standing instead of sitting works to lower blood sugars which in turn can speed up metabolism and burn a 'surprising' amount of calories.

During the podcast Dr Mosley explained "I've been sitting at my desk for an hour or so, and I'm about to do something that really could have a long term impact on my health - [standing up]."

Rather than doing his "beloved squats" or taking his dog for a walk, Dr Michael suggested that weight loss begins with standing still on two feet.

Standing is an incredibly easy, accessible route for weight loss, but something that many desk workers find hard to schedule in.

Dr Michael spoke to Communities Manager Jake, who sits down "99 percent of the time".

And he's not alone, as most people spend 70-80 percent of their waking hours sedentary.

Applied Exercise Science Professor John Uttley revealed that the modern man and woman is sitting down approximately double the amount they did in the 1950s.

Dr Michael stated: "Prolonged, uninterrupted sitting is incredibly bad for us." But why?

Michael Mosley explains 'easy' exercise equivalent to running 10 marathons

The constant gravitational pull from sitting down is bad for bone density and takes a huge toll on the body.

Spending as many hours sitting as people do can actually reduce the benefits of exercise when they do stand up.

Dangerously, it can even lead to an increased risk of heart disease, type two diabetes, and even death, according to Dr Michael.

But how can people stand up more, especially at a desk job?

Standing up as little as once every hour for two to three minutes can do wonders for people's brain, mood - and waistline.

After a week of doing this, typically sedentary Jake felt more productive at work, had more energy, and had made standing up a habit without even realising.

Slimmers can incorporate standing into their working lives by taking phone and video calls standing up, or investing in standing desks.

Simply standing can help clear sugar from the blood.

Dr Michael remarked on a study where office workers stood for an extra three hours a day for a week.

This "simple" and "easy" exercise raised their heart rate so much that over the course of a year, they would burn the same amount of calories as running an incredible 10 marathons - without even moving their feet.

Anyone who wants to lose weight without completely altering their lifestyle, this is the perfect method.

Dr Michael stated: "It's one of the best things you can do for your health."

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