How Can 335 Horses Weigh 63 Pounds?

Koenigsegg, the Swedish car company, has a history of unusual engineering. The latest innovation is an electric motor developed for its Gemera hybrid vehicle. The relatively tiny motor weighs 63 pounds and develops 335 horsepower and 443 lb-ft of torque. Dubbed the Quark, the motor uses both radial and axial flux designs to achieve these impressive numbers.

How Can 335 Horses Weigh 63 Pounds?

There is a catch, of course. Like most EV motors, those numbers are not sustainable. The company claims the motor can output peak power for 20 seconds and then drops to 134 horsepower/184 lb-ft of torque. The Gemera can supplement, of course, with its internal combustion engine — a 3 cylinder design.

The motor uses advanced materials including hollow carbon fiber to reduce weight. The company believes the motor will also find use in marine and aerospace applications. They also announced the availability of a drive unit consisting of two Quarks and a planetary gear shaft that can produce 670 horsepower in 187 pounds.

Weight-to-power ratio for electric motors is tricky because you might not include the weight of the batteries and other supporting equipment. Still, this seems like a lightweight and small powerhouse.

The last time we looked in on Koenigsegg, they were 3D printing production vehicles. We imagine the Quark won’t be cheap, but it would be a great crate engine.