Health o Meter Nuyu Wireless Scale Review

If you're into health-focused tech like fitness trackers and other wearable health tech, then a smart bathroom scale is worth having in your bathroom. If you're in the market for one, but don't want to spend much money, the $49.99 Nuyu Wireless Scale from Health o Meter is probably the cheapest option you'll find, though you don't get many features. The scale only measures weight and estimates body mass index (BMI), which it transmits via Bluetooth to a companion mobile app, allowing you to track your stats over time. If you're looking for more, like body composition readings, Wi-Fi connectivity, and useful data that you can share with doctors, the Withings Smart Body Analyzer is the way to go. It's more expensive, but for many users, the additional features are worth it.

DesignThe scale itself comes in black or white. A glass top gives it a modern look and there is a clear display that blends in with the rest of the scale when the numbers aren't lit. The overall aesthetic is very similar to most of the other smart scales on the market, including the Runtastic Libra Bluetooth Smart Scale and the Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale. They're all square with a glass top and a prominent logo. The Nuyu logo is especially noticeable because it's rather large and uses gray-and-green lettering. I don't find it particularly attractive.

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The Nuyu measures 2.2 by 14.2 by 14.4 inches (HWD). It runs on four AA batteries, which are much easier to find and replace than lithium coin cell batteries.

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The only smart scale I've seen that moves away from the square shape is the $149.99 QardioBase (which I'm currently testing), which is round and has a more subtle logo. Because of the shape, however, you can easily wobble on the scale if you're not careful where you put your foot.

When you get on the Nuyu, your weight lights up in florid green on the display. It's very easy to read. A Bluetooth icon appears, to let you know it's transmitting the data. Your BMI doesn't show up on the scale itself, but is estimated in the app.

Performance and AppThe Nuyu can handle up to 400 pounds. You can switch the app to metric if you prefer kilos. And if you measure yourself in stones, consider the QardioBase scale instead. I tested the Nuyu over a few months, and the data seemed very accurate when the scale was placed on a tile floor. Repeated measurements were always very close if not equal, recorded in 0.1-pound increments. On wood flooring, I saw more variable results.

Health o Meter Nuyu Wireless Scale Review

As mentioned, the Nuyu Wireless Scale measures weight and records it in a companion mobile app. Because the app and scale only talk to each other over Bluetooth 4.0 and not Wi-Fi, your phone needs to be nearby when you step on the scale, which is an inconvenience if you don't like to take your phone to the bathroom with you.

The free companion Nuyu app is available for Android and iOS devices. If you have a Nuyu Personal Activity Monitor, the scale pairs up rather nicely with your other data, such as daily steps and sleep.

You always see stats for the current day first in the app, but you can also view your weight plotted on a graph over the current week, month, or year. The app is limited, though, in that you can't see your weight tracked over a particular month that you choose. That's important for people who need to look at detailed historical data for health reasons, or to look back on various months of a pregnancy. The Nuyu app and scale don't have any pregnancy settings or options at all, but the QardioBase does.

The app is missing other fields and functionality, too. It doesn't connect to the Apple Health app, so if you use that app to streamline your health stats, Nuyu products won't do you any good. Additionally, you can't manually add other body composition stats, such as body fat or water, so even if you have another device that can take those readings, you don't have anywhere to put them.

Weighing InThe Nuyu Wireless scale is a very basic, affordable Bluetooth scale. But you lose a lot of features to achieve that low price. Considering many people keep their bathroom scale for years, it's might be worth investing in one that offers more, like Wi-Fi connectivity and more tracked stats. Our Editors' Choice, the Withings Smart Body Analyzer, is your best bet. It adds Wi-Fi and comes with a full suite of useful features you won't find in the Nuyu.

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The Nuyu Wireless Scale from Health o Meter is an inexpensive bathroom scale that tracks your weight and body mass index by sending your stats to a mobile app, but it's short on features.

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