Future-Ready Postgrad Fair 2022

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The Weights and Measures Office said on Feb. 11 that the weighing instruments at FairPrice’s Nex and AMK Hub branches have been inspected and verified to be accurate.

This comes after more than one customer pointed out a discrepancy between the labelled weight and the measurement on weighing machines of pre-packaged products.

The incident happened with a raw chicken breast from a FairPrice Xtra at Nex shopping mall in Serangoon on Feb. 5 and a piece of fresh salmon from AMK Hub's FairPrice outlet on Feb. 7.

Working with NTUC

The Office told Mothership that it is in touch with NTUC to "determine the actual cause of the mislabelling".

Future-Ready Postgrad Fair 2022

In Singapore, the accuracy of all regulated weighing and measuring instruments used for trade must be verified annually by independent authorised verifiers under the Weights and Measures Act, said the Office.

Verified instruments will be affixed with a visible "ACCURACY Label".

Failing to meet the requirements under the Act, including selling short weight goods, would incur a maximum fine of S$5,000, imprisonment of up to 3 months, or both.

If customers suspect they are being short-changed, the Office encourages customers to approach the businesses for compensation and redress options.

They can also approach the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) for assistance if the matter cannot be resolved.

What is the Weights and Measures Office?

The Weights and Measures Office is overseen by Enterprise Singapore.

It works to ensure a uniform and accurate system of weights and measures in Singapore to safeguard the interests of consumers.

The Office investigates complaints relating to weights and measures matters from consumers and traders.

It also inspects weighing and measuring instruments used for trade purposes to check for inaccuracies and ensure that they have not been tampered with.

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