Easy tips by Rujuta Diwekar to get through a weight loss plateau

Weight loss plateaus can be very discouraging, especially after losing a significant amount of weight in the first phase of your fitness journey.

The start of the weight loss journey is exciting for most considering the rewards for your efforts are almost instant. But after a point, one is bound to reach a plateau where the weight scale would refuse to budge leaving you demotivated and stuck.

With a little patience, and some tips and tricks, it is possible to get past this plateau and move ahead with the weight loss journey and achieve your fitness goals.

Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar shares three easy tricks to aid weight loss and none of the tips will require you to make a drastic change in your fitness regimen as they are very easy to apply.

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Easy tips by Rujuta Diwekar to get through a weight loss plateau

1. Afternoon naps: While this may seem surprising, but the celebrity nutritionist suggests you to sleep in afternoon to improve your sleep quality which will further aid in weight loss.

"Start having an afternoon nap, it will help you sleep better. It will help you get optimum levels of growth hormones and IGF (Insulin like growth factor). It will accelerate your fat loss," she says. Diwekar, however, advises one to limit nap to 20 minutes.

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2. Restructure your exercise programme: While some tweaks in the exercise schedule are required, one should not be tempted to overexercise and make the fat loss journey even tougher.

"Don't overexercise, it will make fat loss that much more difficult. Plan for at least two easy workout days where you stretch, swim or cycle. Yoga is the best way out," says Diwekar.

3. Don't forget essential fats: Diwekar suggests one to include essential fats like peanuts, til, dry coconut in the diet to get accelerate stubborn fat burning process.

Managing stress, getting plenty of sleep, avoiding alcohol and not obsessing about the weight scale can definitely help you achieve your goals!

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