Culinary smarts: the best smart kitchen tech

Coming home to hot food is the dinner dream. Bosch’s Serie 8 smart ovens let you realise it, even if your grub’s left home alone. Put your meal in the main chamber and set it to commence cooking later in the day. Running late? Fire up the Home Connect app and you can push back the start time from afar.

Culinary smarts: the best smart kitchen tech

The app is also home to a host of recipes. Select the one you fancy and it will send the right settings straight to the Serie 8 via Wi-Fi – no twiddling necessary. Haven’t got your phone to hand? Use the touch display panel on the oven itself to pick the dish you’re putting in: it’ll take care of the heating mode, timings and temperature automatically.

And if it’s a quiche, cake or cookies that you’re cooking, the oven’s PerfectBake smarts will continuously monitor humidity and adjust settings accordingly. You can check the status of your creations from your smartphone – or ask Alexa for an update: the Serie 8 also plays nice with Amazon’s voice assistant.

In a smart kitchen, the oven door is prime real estate. Hoover knows this, which is why it’s replaced the transparent panel on the front of its Vision oven (from £1099) with a 19in touchscreen. Use it to browse recipes, control settings and check what’s cooking inside. Built-in cameras mean you can see a live preview of your dinner. Just like if the door was, you know, made of glass.