Change City Branded Content: Samsonite Launches Connected-Tech Luggage For Roadtrippers and Travellers

Published On Aug 05, 2021 02:10:00 PM


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By Autocar India News Desk

Change City Branded Content: Samsonite Launches Connected-Tech Luggage For Roadtrippers and Travellers

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Samsonite, the world's leading luggage brand, announced the launch of the revolutionary EVOA Tech luggage collection today.

For the modern-day traveller and road-tripper, connectivity is a key requirement. Beyond our smartphones and laptops, we want our cars connected too, and to sync with this modern day traveller Samsonite is the first manufacturer to bring connectivity to luggage. The company’s newly launched EVOA Tech range of luggage comes equipped with a USB port and a Panasonic ‘Seekit’ Bluetooth tracker, so that travellers can keep track of their luggage at all times.Among other features, the EVOA Tech’s Bluetooth tracker includes a ‘separation indicator,’ which notifies the owner when it detects that the luggage is not around, so you won’t accidentally drive away without your bags. Seekit’s bi-directional tracking can also help owners find their luggage with the ‘proximity guidance’ feature, which guides you towards your luggage and will help identify the correct item via the accompanying app. As seasoned road-trippers know, travel can sometimes come with its own set of exigencies and, in case of an emergency, the Seekit device allows the traveller to send an SOS alert, along with exact GPS location, to up to three contacts.When hitting the road, security can be a key concern, and Samsonite’s new luggage range really delivers on that front. Designed and built for the smart, tech-savvy new-age traveller, the EVOA Tech range features a fingerprint locking system that offers a very high level of security, and efficient one-touch opening. Up to ten fingerprints can be recorded for operating the locking system, allowing the user to dispense with having to remember combination dial numbers. However, a three-digit dial lock has also been incorporated and can be used in the conventional manner, along with an anti-theft zipper for added peace of mind.Sometimes, even the most committed road-trippers have to leave the car at home and catch a flight instead. At airports, travellers often have to walk fairly long distances from the check-in desk to the boarding gate, and the EVOA Tech range is specifically designed for easy mobility; Samsonite’s ‘Aero-Trac’ suspension wheel system makes it easy for travellers to move heavy pieces of luggage with minimum effort. The luggage features an integrated weighing scale carry handle, which allows the weight to be measured via a built-in device, which is handy for ensuring that it meets airlines’ luggage weight restrictions. It’s a very user-friendly system – just lift up the luggage for about two seconds and the weight will be displayed on screen.Founded in 1910, Samsonite International S.A. is the world’s largest travel luggage company, which is well respected for its extensive R&D that allows it to innovate and consistently come up with pathbreaking products. The company has also been present in India since the mid-1990s and caters to high-end travellers who demand well-built, high-tech luggage. ‘The EVOA Tech collection is the perfect encapsulation of our forward-thinking philosophy. Its blend of innovation, functionality, and aesthetic appeal set a new benchmark for the industry, making it the ideal travel companion for the sophisticated modern globetrotter,’ says Jai Krishnan, CEO, Samsonite South Asia Pvt Ltd.The EVOA Tech range is available in black, with copper accents that look very cool, and its brushed finish is tough and durable that’s well suited to years of hard use. In fact, with its premium construction and perfect fit-and-finish, the Samsonite EVOA Tech luggage is the perfect lifestyle accompaniment to high-end cars, and a valuable addition to any road-trip.So, whether its air travel to an exotic new destination that you’re looking at in the coming months, or an extended road-trip in that cool new SUV that you’ve recently bought, when it comes to choosing luggage for your trip, you should visit go to your local Samsonite outlet and take a closer look at the new EVOA Tech range.

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