Chanelle Hayes in Bathing Suit Shows "Before and After"

Chanelle Hayes, the Big Brother star and socialite, has been open about her journey with her body, specifically when it comes to losing weight. She just showed off her impressive weight loss in a recent Instagram post. In the photo, Hayes combined a series of shots of her wearing a bathing suit over the years. In each photo, her body looks different, and she accompanied the post with the words, "Bodies change, it's normal." Hayes captioned the post, "Before and after." Read on to see 5 ways Chanelle Hayes stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don't miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!


She Doesn't Weigh Herself

While Hayes is living a healthy lifestyle, weight loss is not necessarily her main goal. She tells Closer Online that she doesn't own a scale or weigh herself when she's doing different things. She says that this helps her stay focused on being healthy. "I don't weigh myself now because I'm working out, so I know I'm putting on muscle, which weighs more," she explains.

Chanelle Hayes in Bathing Suit Shows


She Believes In Balance

Hayes is all about living a healthy lifestyle, and that doesn't include restricting diets and plans. She tells Closer Online that she believes in a balanced diet, and that this mindset has helped her stay healthy. "I've done every diet under the sun but, this time, it hasn't been about following an army regime where I'm starving myself to become skinny overnight. I wanted to have long-lasting results, so it's been more about changing my mindset towards food and having a balanced way of living – even if that takes longer to initially shift the weight. I'm thrilled with the results. I'm healthy but I'm not missing out on enjoying parties, or stopping myself from having treats when I want to."


She's Consistent With Her Workouts

While Hayes doesn't believe in restricting herself when it comes to food, she does try to avoid binge eating. She says that one of the ways she does this is by consistently working out. "I'm one of those people who eats everything if they're not training. When I don't go to the gym, it's like a free pass for me to binge," she says to Closer Online.df44d9eab23ea271ddde7545ae2c09ec


She Got Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Hayes received gastric surgery in 2020 after gaining weight. She says to The Sun that the procedure has helped her eat better and live a healthier life. "I feel satiated and full after such small amounts now I never feel like I'm missing out because that gnawing hunger of being on a diet isn't there," she explained.


She Got Hair Transplant Surgery

Hayes is open about the procedures that she has had done, including hair transplant surgery. She writes on Instagram that she got this done to help with her self-confidence, and to reduce the stigma on cosmetic surgery. "It's so taboo for some reason for females to discuss hair loss and so I wanted to be clear, open and transparent about the whole thing," she wrote. "Would I love to have a long, thick head of shiny hair naturally? Yes, but I don't. So I am working with what I have. And getting a FUT method hair transplant was the first step to looking feminine, becoming more confident and gaining back some of my lost self esteem that ran away with my hair!"