8 Clean Beauty Brands for Better Daily Skincare and Hygiene

How many products do you currently have in your bathroom? 5? 10? 20?

When you wake up in the morning, you’re probably engaging with the following products:

….and that’s just before breakfast. Maybe after you apply makeup, which includes a foundation, bronzer, mascara, eye-liner, lip tint.

No wonder the average women applies 168 chemicals to her body everyday. Not to mention, 12.2 million adults are using known carcinogens in their daily skincare routine, simply because they are not aware of what is in their personal care products.

The personal care and beauty market is worth approx. 465 billion USD. Imagine the benefits for our bodies is we were all to switch to just one product in our bathroom that was a natural-based product?


For every product sold, the company gives back through bar soaps, health, and hygiene initiatives in communities both domestically and around the globe. Track your impact with your Hope Code at

Soapbox products reach the everyday consumer with the mission to change the world through quality purchases. All products are all made in the USA, with 100% recyclable packaging, and the products are sold in stores like Target, Marcs, Meijer, Walgreens, Rite Aid and thousands of other retailers across the nation.

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Shea Yeleen

Established in 2005, Shea Yeleen is one of the top clean beauty brands dedicated to empowering women in West Africa and the United States through the production, sale and use of shea butter products.

A unique blend of grassroots organizing and business development, Shea Yeleen specializes in manufacturing high quality, organic, fair trade skin care products and utilizing a sales strategy that incorporates women’s’ micro enterprise development.

Ultimately, Shea Yeleen’s beneficiaries are the women producers who will receive a fair price, small business start-ups and consumers who will have access to a guaranteed high-quality product that meets their health, cosmetic and personal beauty needs.

Shea Yeleen cares about the global community. They believe that business has an equal responsibility to make profits while benefiting and making change in the communities in which we do business.

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8 Clean Beauty Brands for Better Daily Skincare and Hygiene

Āthr Beauty

Founded in 2018 by Tiila Abbitt, a passionate, highly creative product development professional with 11+ years’ experience – including the international prestige beauty industry.

Her obsession with sustainability lead her to become the lead R+D for sustainable materials while also being on the sustainability leadership council for the retailer.

Plastic makeup componentry is a huge source of pollution globally and Tiila really wanted to create a brand that was ethically-sustainable, beyond the formulation, but in everything that Āthr Beauty creates.

Tiila is aware of the eco footprint we have in everything we do and as a founder, wants to bring sustainability into every decision at Āthr Beauty. That’s why she won’t launch a product until there’s a better sustainable alternative.

And when you purchase Āthr Beauty products a portion of sales goes to environmental charities, because giving back and being sustainable is the only way to ensure we leave this planet better than we found it.

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We all know how harmful mainstream deodorants are. So why do we keep buying them?

I get it-often it’s hard to come across a natural solution for deodorant that actually helps with body odour.

Today is another friendly reminder that clogging your pores with aluminium (that’s right! It’s in your deodorant and even mentioned in the ingredients), and parabens (literally cancer causing chemicals!), has to stop.

Luckily there’s Native. Their natural deodorants are free of all chemicals and toxins, and are responsibly made in the USA. Not only do their deodorants actually get the job done, they are extremely economical, and they offer an extended product line to help take more chemicals out of your bathroom, including fluoride-free toothpaste.

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Hand in Hand

Remember those 168 chemicals I was mentioning earlier?

Imagine a brand that is so transparent, they tell you exactly what their main ingredients are (and why they stick to them).

Hand in Hand’s core ingredient list is a recognizable 11 items that you can actually pronounce. Their “sustainable suds” are made in the USA and are vegan, cruelty-free, and palm oil free. All ingredients are responsibly sourced, and their one-for-one model helps provide clean water to underprivileged children.

Their collection includes all your essential bathroom needs from soap and body wash, to scrubs and essential oils.

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Sitti Soap

Olive oil is one of the best oils for killing bacteria and hydrating your skin. Utilizing olive oil in skin care has always been a practice in the Middle East, but not as heavily practiced in North America.

Sitti Soap brings your olive oil-based soaps to the market, that are handmade and cold-pressed by refugee women at the Gaza refugee camp in Jordan. This incredible social enterprise is providing empowerment to women who have had to leave everything behind in countries such as Palestine. Every purchase cultivates community for these women, and allows them to earn an income and work towards a life of freedom.

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Adore yourself! That’s literally what “Teadora” means—and they back it up with their vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable beauty products that feel and smell ahhh-mazing! Founder Val grew up near the Amazon rainforest, where her mother taught her to how to sustainably harvest Amazonian botanicals to make natural body care blends.

Val wanted to pass on those luxurious self care products as well as her love for the Amazon. So when you shop Teadora, you’re getting natural body care that’s great for you, and giving back to do great for the planet!

Every Teadora purchase plants one tree in the rainforest, and Teadora is on a mission to plant 1 million!

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Pure and natural essential oils are actually not that easy to find.It takes a dedicated team who are passionate about providing consumers with exceptional products, and committing to sustainability to find a pure oil that comes with all the benefits for your skin and health.

Savhera sources their oils directly from the land of Ayurveda, India, while combatting sex trafficking by providing dignified employment to survivors of sexual exploitation in India and the USA. They are currently pending to become a B-Corp certified company, and we can’t wait to celebrate this new achievement with them.

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