5 Portable Luggage Scales for Chronic Overpackers

Victorinox Digital Luggage Scale

Best for: Scatterbrains

5 Portable Luggage Scales for Chronic Overpackers

Victorinox's sleek luggage scale has a bright, large, easy-to-read blue display which turns red once the weight is confirmed, along with a comfortable grip that makes it painless—dare we say, enjoyable?—to use. Plus, it automatically powers off after 90 seconds of inactivity, helping the battery last longer.

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Samsonite Manual Scale

Best for: Nostalgic travelers

Samsonite's manual luggage scale, which hooks on to the handle of a case or bag without a strap, is one of two battery-free options on this list, making it a great choice for trips where a traveler might find themselves far from an electronics store. It has a comfort grip handle, as well as the added benefit of a built-in tape measure to ensure your bag is within the airline's height and width limits, too. The only downside is that once you set the case down, the weight reading will drop too.