Withings unveils Body Scan that measures nerve activity through sweat, body composition, more Guides

Following up after its latest smartwatch launched at the end of 2021, Withings has announced its next major smart health device coming in 2022. Body Scan will offer advanced readings for body composition, nerve activity through sweat, vascular health, 6-lead ECGs, along with the option for support from clinical specialists, personalized health plans, and more.

Withings unveiled its most advanced smart scale yet at CES this evening. In fact, the company actually calls Body Scan a “connected health station.”

Winner of three CES 2022 Innovation Honoree Awards, Body Scan will also allow users to access coaching, clinical specialists and personalized, holistic plans in-app to help them reach their health goals. Developed with specialists in cardiovascular, neurologic, and metabolic conditions, these programs will provide users with important insights based on well-known metrics and the ability to be connected with medical specialists in case of health concerns.

Withings is known for including seamless Apple Health support in its smart scales, blood pressure monitors, and more. And Body Scan is looking to take at-home health device capabilities to the next level.

Body Scan consists of a single high-strength tempered glass platform encompassing a retractable handle. Body Scan contains four weight sensors and 14 ITO electrodes within the platform and 4 stainless steel electrodes in the handle for 6-lead ECG and segmental body composition analysis. It offers a year-long battery life and includes a larger high resolution 3.2” LCD color screen that displays stats.

Withings CEO Mathieu Letombe says “With Body Scan, we will turn the morning weigh-in into a sophisticated home health check with access to holistic health data and personal health programs created by medical professionals. We will empower our users with the ability to take meaningful actions based on medical-grade data, adding a new dimension to ongoing lifestyle and chronic condition management through the ultimate in-home health experience.”

Body Scan will be accurate down to 0.1 pounds/50 grams and uses Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) to measure body composition. That includes whole-body fat and water percentage, muscle and bone mass, as well as segmental measurements for torso, arms, and legs.

Withings unveils Body Scan that measures nerve activity through sweat, body composition, more Guides

Measuring nerve activity

As launched last year with the Body Cardio Smart scale, the Body Scan will feature Vascular Age readings.

But Body Scan will get an exclusive feature that can measure nerve activity through sweat glands in the feet:

Developed with experts from Impeto Medical, Body Scan will track sweat gland activity in the feet and provide daily assessment of small nerve activity. The measurement is designed to be performed in under 30 seconds by applying a small direct current via the electrodes located in the plate. It will provide a reading as an easy-to-understand score (computed from an Electrochemical Skin Conductance) delivered to the user via the Withings App.

Based on those readings, the Withings app will be able to make recommendations that can be “effective in improving nerve activity for a healthy lifestyle.”

6-lead ECGs and more

Another major feature is 6-lead ECGs enabled by the retractable handle built into Body Scan. And to tie it all together, Withings will offer in-app access to medical professionals and personalized health plans with a subscription:

Leveraging Withings’ existing remote patient interfaces, the subscription service will allow users to connect with medical specialists for advice and consultation while providing clinical teams with data in real-time.

Spanning wellness topics including nutrition, sleep, exercise, and stress management, the personalized health plans will also offer a wealth of information to help motivate users to make behavioral and lifestyle changes that improve outcomes and achieve health goals.

Body Scan availability

Withings says Body Scan will be launching in the second half of 2022. We don’t have pricing details yet, but with it set to be the company’s most advanced health device, it will likely be priced north of the $150 that the Withings Body Cardio smart scale normally sells for.

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