Withings BPM Core review

We’re been using a great many Withings devices this year but something we’ve learned is that the more you use, the better the ecosystem’s health reports are.

So far we’ve used the Scanwatch which monitors steps, heartrate, breathing and ECG; scales, which do things like weight, BMI, muscle mass and bone density; and the Sleep which goes under our mattress and shows pointedly how well we’re not sleeping along with measuring snoring and sleep apnoea. All of this automatically goes into a Withing Health app and gives you an impressive overview of your health. But one elment has been missing… blood pressure.

Withings BPM Core review

The new Core addresses this and slips over your arm and automatically takes your blood pressure. It also offers some ECG functionality and, interestingly, listens to your heart like a stethoscope (it needs to be touching the skin) to see if there are any physical issues with your heart valves! It can be used with multiple users and is charged via a USB cord. In terms of accuracy it matched what we recorded with our Omron HEM-7211 which is widely regarded as a sound choice by chemists and some GPs.

It’s worth watching the official video as frankly, it shows its features.

What we can say is that it performs as well as it should and adds that missing functionality to our Withings health reports. It's not cheap but you don't want to cheap-out on flaky health products. Recommended!

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