Start your day on the bright side with this on-sale Westclox wakeup light

One of the best technological developments of the 21st century is the rise in popularity of wake-up lights. They slowly turn on a bit before you want to wake up and incrementally fill your room with light — a peaceful alternative to the BRRZ BRRZ BRRZ of your normal phone alarm or (shudder) an actual alarm clock. After all, who likes starting their day with a jolt that doesn’t come from a cup of coffee? And why haven’t alarm clocks become more gentle over the years? Even iPhone alarm clocks aren’t exactly mild. You don’t need to wake up with a skipped heartbeat or spike in blood pressure when a buzzer rouses you from your deepest REM cycles.

Start your day on the bright side with this on-sale Westclox wakeup light

Right now, Westclox’s wakeup light is on sale at Walmart for $14.99 instead of $22.97. And not only does it wake you up, it can also help you mellow out, with a sunset simulation feature that takes you from wide-awake to in the mood for rest. There’s a ton of other ways to customize the clock too, including a dimmable light that can be used as a nightlight, and an LED time display that can be adjusted to dim or bright.

Westclox Sunrise/Sunset Stimulating Alarm Clock with Dimmable$14.99Shop Now

In case of a power outage, two AAA batteries (not included) will kick in to make sure you’re still up for work or school drop-off on time. Westclox has been making alarm clocks for years now too, so you’re sure to be in good hands with this gem that’ll start your day on the bright side.