Qardio adds a smart oximeter & thermometer to its portfolio of products

Qardio has unveiled two additions to its ecosystem of smart products – a oximeter and thermometer. Both connect with the Qardio App for measurements and tracking results over time.

Founded in 2012 the company is one of the pioneers of the wearables space and has a few CES and Reddot awards under its belt. Qardio is best known for two products – a smart blood pressure monitor called QardioArm and its line of QardioBase scales. The most interesting aspect of these is their unique, futuristic design. Beyond that, they provide pretty much what you’d expect from such products.

QardioSpO2 and QardioTemp

Now Qardio is expanding its range to include a smart oximeter and thermometer. The duo has Bluetooth 4.0 functionality so can sync to the Qardio iOS or Android smartphone app – the same that works with the scale and blood pressure monitor. That way you have all your health data in one place.

Qardio adds a smart oximeter & thermometer to its portfolio of products

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Blood oxygen monitors have gained in popularity in recent years. This is because they are useful to identify, track and manage COVID-19 symptoms over time.

QardioSpO2 looks like a typical fingertip pulse oximeter. Such devices are generally considered to be the most accurate for such measurements as fingers have arteries which are conducive to that type of thing. Users get real-time SpO2 readings along with pulse rate. The device is also a plethysmogram (PPG) monitor.

The whole thing measures 62.0 mm (Width) x 37.0 mm (Depth) x 32.0 mm (Height) and weighs just 42 grams. Inside QardioSpO2 are three AAA batteries so there’s no need to charge it. The device sells for a reasonable $39.95 on Qardio’s website.

The second product is called QardioTemp. Retailing for $79.99 on Qardio’s website the intelligent thermometer is something else you can use to track and manage your COVID-19 symptoms over time. To this end, this is a forehead thermometer that does not require actual contact with skin. This helps reduce the risk of spreading infections and is actually recommended by the US FDA.

The infrared technology measures temperature instantly and accurately in one second in Fahrenheit or Celsius. There’s also built-in memory so you can recall previous readings.

Once again this is something that uses replaceable batteries. As far as dimensions and weight, QardioTemp measures 162.2mm x 32.4mm x 38mm and comes in at 79 grams.

It has been a while since we’ve seen something new from Qardio. So much so that we were wondering if we would see something new from the outfit. But it does make logical sense for the company to expand into other health products and avoid the fitness tracker/smartwatch space which is crowded with offerings.

As mentioned, the two health products don’t really offer anything we have not seen before. The biggest benefit is that you can sync data to the Qardio smartphone app for keeping tabs on readings over time. Also the company has a good reputation as a manufacturer of quality smart devices so we are expecting no less from QardioSpO2 and QardioTemp. Both products come with a 1 year warranty, a 60 day money back guarantee and free shipping.

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