New Ocean Expands The Voyage® Adding Cognitive Fitness The First Digital Solution To Address Memory And Brain Health For People All Ages

Recent research suggests that those age 25-40 are in worse health compared with older Americans when they were the same age. The rise in rates of depression, hypertension, tobacco-use, and Type 2 diabetes are having a major impact on this age group which now represents the largest generation in the workforce. Additionally, older adults are remaining in the workforce. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of workers aged 65 or older has grown by 117% in a span of 20 years, while employment of individuals 75 years or older has likewise increased by 117%.

 New Ocean Expands The Voyage® Adding Cognitive Fitness The First Digital Solution To Address Memory And Brain Health For People All Ages

"New Ocean is committed to addressing the greatest unmet needs in the healthcare ecosystem" said Hal Rosenbluth Chairman and CEO. "Impaired memory and cognitive decline are often associated with older adults and as a result, most programs narrowly focus on managing conditions such as dementia. New Ocean's Cognitive Fitness program complements our chronic condition, mental health and lifestyle management suite and provides employers and other payors a tool to address the health needs of their population at every age and stage and rein in the escalating costs of healthcare."

Pandemic conditions have compounded risk factors which contribute to a decline in thinking skills and the ability to perform daily tasks such as driving, paying bills, taking medicine, and cooking. Genetic factors are uncontrollable, but many lifestyle risk factors can be changed or managed to reduce the risk of poor cognition in the future.

"The mental, emotional, physical and financial impact that Covid-19 has had on employers, employees and their families has been profound, said Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Michael Musci. "New Ocean's solutions are easy, accessible, and drive behavior change at scale to help people navigate and manage their health now and in the future."

About New Ocean Health SolutionsNew Ocean Health Solutions is a software design and development company that empowers organizations to foster a healthy culture. We deliver on the need for a broad enterprise health management platform that includes health and well-being programs people value. By using behavioral economics principles, New Ocean's programs are more adaptable to human nature and more likely to get users to engage over the long-term. New Ocean's platform leverages research-based methodologies to encourage users to make good choices and form healthy habits when it comes to their health, while ensuring that realistic goals are set. Led by former Walgreens Health & Wellness President and retail health clinic pioneer,Hal Rosenbluth.