Eagle Rigg's purposeful existence

IF a prestigious beauty contest fosters "beauty with a purpose," TV host-comedian-vlogger Eagle Riggs is proud to integrate his purposeful existence given these challenging times.


Despite being a resident of Las Piñas, Eagle takes on an interactive role at LGBT Pilipinas as provincial adviser in the entire Cavite.

"As I gay person myself, I deliver speeches about my journey to empower and inspire the gay community, that as members, we possess such positive qualities as do men and women toward building a better society," he muses.

Aside from championing its cause, Eagle and his team reach out to members who are in dire need of whatever form of assistance.

This is partly where his endorsement of a pioneer medical supplies and equipment outlet in Bambang, Manila complements his LGBT advisory duties.

Eagle was chosen as ambassador of Medical Depot where he hosts events and online shows that educate the audience on the proper use of medical equipment such as oxygen tank, sphygmomanometer, oximeter, etc.

On the charitable side, Eagle identifies the rightful recipients of free equipment and supplies — including wheelchairs, walkers, crutches and even diapers — to provide mobility for the disabled.

Eagle was specifically handpicked to endorse its line of medical products as an accident victim himself who had to use them all to get him back in form. Proudly he says he's a living proof.


His medical involvement doesn't stop there.

Eagle Rigg's purposeful existence

Former actor now Bulacan Governor Daniel Fernando has tapped into the hosting services of Eagle in the province's mobile vaccination across its towns and far-flung barrios.

"Sabi kasi ni Gov, mag-host daw ako para hindi mainip o ma-bore ang mga tao. At the same time, I need to stress the importance of getting vaccinated," he says of Daniel's ingenious way, adding that it was a reunion of sorts with Daniel who he had worked with in ABS-CBN's Mara Clara.

"Nag-iikot din ako kasama si [Bulacan board member or bokal] Alex Castro na nakatrabaho ko sa 'Mula sa Puso' [an ABS-CBN drama series]."

Proof that he's not exactly financially hard up unlike other celebrities during these tough times, Eagle is blessed with having colleagues and peers who patronize his eponymous chicharon a la Baguio's bagnet which he sells online.

"As long as you're resourceful, there's no reason to go hungry. I've been out of circulation even before this pandemic, but I'm getting by. Never give up. As they say, 'This, too, shall pass," Eagle rationalizes.


GUESS WHO? American media members who readily recognize this famous female personality (FFA) are dying to interview her when sighted in the US — only it's not her whom they are after but her partner of international renown.

Problem is, the FFA won't grant any interviews no matter how short. She has a way, oftentimes impolite, of avoiding them.

Truth be told, the FFA feels ill at ease whenever questions in English are thrown her way. Rather, she would nudge her female companion to speak on her behalf.

But how come the FFA's cryptic posts are always in English?

"Somebody else writes them for her!" reveals a tipster.