Contour Next One review: What to know

Contour Next One

Please note, the writer has not tested this product. All information is research-based.

The Contour Next One meter is a smart digital blood glucose monitor.

A person using the device will need to insert a compatible Contour Next One test strip into the monitor. Once they have done this, they can take a small blood sample using a lancet and place this on the strip.

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The monitor will check the blood sample and display the person’s blood glucose level on the screen. The company states that the device shows results within 5 seconds.

Contour Next One review: What to know

The company has a compatible app called the Contour Diabetes App. It is available for Android and iOS, and a person can use it in conjunction with their Contour Next One meter. The smartphone and the Contour Next One device connect via Bluetooth.

The Contour Diabetes App stores a person’s results and can detect blood glucose patterns. Additionally, people can add notes to the readings, such as:

A person can also electronically share their results and readings with their doctor.

The company’s trademarked smartLIGHT feature is a colored light that changes depending on a person’s blood glucose levels:

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This technology causes the Contour Next One device to alert a person by beeping twice if it cannot read the blood sample.

If the user hears this beeping, they will need to apply more blood to the testing strip.

Ascensia claims that the Contour Next One system meets the minimum accuracy requirements of the ISO 15197:2013 standard.

Before taking a blood sample, people can choose from one of three apple symbols on the Contour Next One screen: