Best Fat Burner in 2022: Top 5 Thermogenic Fat Burning Pills to Lose Weight

Sometimes, exercise and diet are not enough. However, there is a solution to your weight-loss problems — natural fat burners. These supplements work to burn the stored fat, increase metabolism, and boost energy levels. Fat-burning supplements include natural ingredients to help maximize the fat-burning process and accelerate your weight-loss journey.

After learning about the best qualities of these best fat burner brands, you can reach your fitness goals naturally and quickly by choosing the right one for you. However, dedication and patience are key to keeping yourself on the fitness track.

Moreover, if you combine the best fat burner with a rich and healthy diet, you will get your results faster.

So, where can you find the best fat-burning supplement? Let us find out.

List Of Top 5 Fat Burner Supplements and Diet Pills In The Market

After thorough research, we have selected the top five best fat-burning supplements on the market.

#1. PhenQ: Overall Best Fat Burner Supplement On The Market

Released in 2020, PhenQ has become the most effective fat-burning supplement to help in shedding pounds.

In addition to being a weight-loss supplement, PhenQ also offers other features. It may burn fat, boost energy, and suppress appetite, along with preventing the re-forming of fat.

The supplement was formulated after researching various botanical extracts, minerals, and vitamins.

PhenQ provides the following benefits to users.

It contains α-Lacys Reset, which may help decrease body mass.

This supplement is safer compared to those with synthetic chemicals and is beneficial for both women and men. Additionally, it is made from plants, so anyone can consume the supplement without breaking a vegan diet.

Moreover, the supplement does not interfere with medications like birth control pills, meaning you can take both simultaneously.

High-Quality Natural Ingredients

PhenQ comprises nine energy-boosting and fat-burning ingredients to provide you with excellent results. Each ingredient performs a special function to help in your weight-loss journey.

Scientifically Proven Weight Loss

The unique blend of ingredients is combined with their secret, scientifically-proven ingredient to create a powerful product for superior fat-burning results.

The product is made with the trademarked formula of α-Lacys Reset to fire up the thermogenesis and contribute to metabolism.

Mental Health Benefits

The weight-loss journey can be tedious and take a toll on your mental health. So, who would not mind being less stressed?

PhenQ has mind-calming properties that may give you peace of mind and help you stay motivated to advance your weight-loss journey.

No Prescription Required

The best part is that you do not need any prescription to buy the supplements. The formula is free from phentermine, so it does not require doctor approval before purchasing.

#2. Leanbean: Most Popular Weight Loss Supplements for Women

Leanbean is specifically developed by Ultimate Life for female fitness models and athletes. Dedicated to improving women’s health, it includes natural supplements to benefit their health effectively and efficiently.

It does not contain any synthetic or illegal compounds, and it may contribute to metabolism to burn fat efficiently and promote good shape.

But, how does Leanbean exactly work and function to help you slim down? Let us learn how each ingredient works together to give you the desired results.

You can consume this natural fat burner for women regularly without maintaining any consuming cycle. However, it would provide excellent results when you consume the tablet at the same time every day.

Made with Natural Ingredients

Leanbean is made with 11 beneficial and natural ingredients to deliver exceptional results when used regularly.

Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant Properties

This supplement may help lower inflammation and boost immune function through beneficial and potent ingredients. This way, it may help relieve pain and muscle soreness through faster muscle repair.

Helps the Body to Stay in Balance

If you consume high-fat and high-sugar food, it will increase the number of toxins in your body, resulting in fat storage or bloating.

With Leanbean, you can control cravings by consuming a healthy dose of vitamin B and Green Coffee.

#3. Trimtone: Best Selling Appetite Suppressant for Losing Weight

Leading a healthy diet and working out is not an easy task to reach your weight-loss goals. Even with your best intentions, you might end up returning to your old habits again. So, what do you do in that situation?

Consistency is what matters when you want to lose weight and burn fat. And, what breaks the consistency? Hunger and cravings for your favorite food do.

So, Trimtone can help you maintain your weight loss and health goals.

Being a 100% natural fat burner, Trimtone contains ingredients that may supercharge energy levels, lift mood, boost metabolism, and burn fat. Also, it is designed and formulated to fit the lifestyle of women.

The supplement may help you achieve your fitness goals using three methods. First, it may help in appetite suppression and control hunger. Second, the supplement has a thermogenic nature that may contribute to metabolism and energy to burn fats effectively.

Lastly, it may boost energy levels to keep you active for a longer time, allowing you to focus on your workout more efficiently.

Although it is made ideally for women, it provides positive results for every gender to lose weight. It is specifically marketed for women, as it contains highly potent appetite-suppressing ingredients, and it is thought that women have stronger cravings than men.

Natural Ingredients

With no harmful side effects, Trimtone consists of all-natural ingredients. These are:

Effective Fat Burner

Whether you take a high-fat diet or a low-carb diet, the weight-loss journey depends on the body’s ability to speed up the fat-burning process. To a certain extent, you can achieve this with regular exercise and a low-calorie diet, but it will affect your body weight.

Thus, Trimtone triggers a thermogenic effect with its natural ingredients and increases the core temperature in your body to burn stored fat.

Curbs Cravings

When you eat less, you tend to have more cravings for a sugary treat. Even if you try to control yourself, the temptation can be overwhelming.

That is why Trimtone contains an ingredient that functions as an appetite suppressant to help you control cravings and maintain your routine.

#4. PrimeShred: Highly Effective Fat Burning Pills to Reduce Belly Fat

PrimeShred‘s fat burner for men is a high-intensity, fat-burning, weight-loss supplement. By consuming the supplement, you may achieve a more toned and leaner physique at a fast rate through the burning of body fat.

The triple-threat formula of the supplement directly impacts the speed at which the body burns fat. Moreover, it is made with natural ingredients to target different fat loss areas in the body.

The formula, as mentioned, works in three steps:

As you consume the best fat burner supplements regularly, you may get rid of the solid fat to reveal the pure lean muscles.

Sometimes men, when working out, reach a stage where the last stubborn fat does not budge. However, PrimeShred helps shake up the last stored fat in your body by putting your body in fat-burning mode.

Best Fat Burner in 2022: Top 5 Thermogenic Fat Burning Pills to Lose Weight

In addition, the supplement contains ingredients that help you maintain your mental stability and does not let you feel mentally drained.

100% Natural Formula

The clinically proven and natural ingredients help accelerate the fat-burning process, and they are safe to be consumed. Moreover, the supplements have been through rigorous third-party testing.

Physical and Mental Health Benefits

The supplement may help you gain physical and mental benefits that are not possible with most weight-loss supplements. Weight loss can affect your physical and mental health, but this supplement may help you remain focused.

You may enjoy the following benefits after consuming this supplement:

Scientifically Proven Ingredients

The multiple ingredients included in the supplement are clinically proven for weight loss. For example, Green tea extract is an excellent weight-loss ingredient. In a survey conducted on 60 obese individuals, green tea extract helped them lose about 7.3 pounds of weight and burn more than 183 calories per day in three months.

Similarly, L-theanine is associated with relieving stress and depression, as discovered in a 2019 study.

Helps You Get in Shape

Whether you want a perfect beach body or are preparing yourself for a competition, PrimeShred may give you the desired power for the fat-burning you need.

When it becomes hard to shred the last pounds of fat, the supplement claims to help you. So, it may reveal those hard muscles and six-pack abs underneath the fat.

#5. Phen24: Top Shelf Belly Fat Burner and Diet Pills

Did you know it is possible to burn fat even while you are sleeping? Phen24 precisely helps you do that with its day and night formula. It supports the weight of your body through 24/7 weight-loss processes.

Being a two-part weight-loss supplement, you will find separate pills for the night and separate pills for the day. The difference lies in the ingredients that help you lose weight while supporting the metabolism throughout the day.

Most supplements only work when you are active, but this supplement remains effective throughout the day and night. It helps you lose weight like no other pill.

In addition, it may contribute to metabolism and boost energy and stamina, so it is a two-way process. It may speed up the thermogenesis process to burn calories with the day pills, and promote a healthy sleep cycle and reduce stress with the night pills.

The supplement includes naturally loaded caffeine and other sources of protein to provide you with exceptional energy.

So, how do you take the supplements? Phen24 is available on the official website, and one box has about 60-night capsules and 30-day capsules. The manufacturers recommend taking two pills before dinner and one pill before breakfast with a full glass of water.

Adjusts to Different Metabolic Activity Levels

The potent mix of multiple herbal ingredients may help boost the metabolic rate to burn fat, and it does this during the day and the night.

The compound is also called a “protein-burning” supplement. The beneficial ingredient blend is great for bodybuilders to improve performance and strength.

Energy Boosting Ingredients

Each day and night pill consist of different ingredients and have a different purpose. Let us see what the day pills are composed of to help you burn fat faster.

Now, let us see what the night formula contains:

Encourages Healthy Sleep

During weight loss, one thing that no one should ever overlook is proper sleep. Your body needs rest to restore and repair, so sleep is important. Therefore, this supplement may enhance calmness to help you fall asleep faster.

For the best results, take the night pill 15 minutes before dinner.

Fat burners refer to nutrition supplements that may help promote fat metabolism, increase fat oxidation during exercise, impair fat absorption, and boost energy expenditure.

When you have no clue about where you should start working on your health, fat-burning supplements offer a quick solution, as they provide you with a helping hand throughout your weight-loss journey.

Fat-burning supplements have remained a controversial topic since their inception. With that said, supporters of these supplements continue to claim they provide a cure to all of your weight-loss issues. Yet, many fat-burning supplements can prove to be ineffective and cause harmful side effects.

Therefore, it becomes essential to choose the products that are safe, reliable, and natural. So, let us get started with your weight-loss journey with these thermogenic fat burner supplements.

However, the nutrition supplement market is filled with numerous fat-burning supplements. Many of these claim to provide the benefits, but you should know what each supplement consists of. With this, it becomes a challenging job to find the best natural fat burners in the market. Therefore, we researched different brands and looked into the ingredients used, the accuracy of results, third-party lab tests, and customer reviews.

All of these helped us shortlist a few brands, and we curated a list of five products that met the highest safety standards.

The list would have been incomplete without incorporating the reports from real fat burner consumers and niche experts. Apart from that, you can check in brief how we carried out the research.

These factors were the basis of our research, and we found the five products that top the research results in all of the categories.

The best natural fat burners work in a way that helps you achieve your fitness goals while enjoying the health benefits of a fit body. Some fat burners boost the metabolism rate of your body to burn fat, while others develop heat inside the cell for the fat-burning process.

However, some work as appetite suppressants to curb food cravings to make sure you have fewer calories in a day.

Among these, how can you choose the best supplement for your health? Do not worry, as the following factors will help you in your buying process.

Brand Reputation

The most crucial thing most people fail to make a note of while purchasing supplements is brand reputation. With plenty of products in the market, you never know which product will provide the desired results.

So, it is better to research the brand and read user testimonials to learn about their experiences. You can check for customer feedback and brand reputation to know about their manufacturing quality or whether they provide customer support or not.


The natural fat burners should contain only pure, natural ingredients serving different functions. For instance, the appetite suppressant fat burner should contain green tea as a metabolism booster to improve the efficacy.

However, vegan users can check the ingredients to understand whether the product is suitable for their lifestyle. Moreover, the ingredients should not contain anything you are allergic to.

So, always look for natural fat burners containing the key ingredients of Garcinia Cambogia, chromium, coffee bean extracts, and glucomannan.

Side Effects

As a natural fat burner, the supplement should not have any side effects on your health. But, you should ensure the product does not contain any ingredients that can harm your health. So, check the customer reviews or research online to see if anyone mentions any side effects.


Each supplement is available in a varying price range. You can find as affordable supplements as you want and even the most expensive ones. However, expensive products do not always guarantee the efficacy of the product.

So, you should look for a supplement with positive reviews, natural and safe ingredients, and one that is manufactured by a trusted brand. This product will be effective and easy on your wallet as well.

Return Policy and Money-Back Guarantee

You must consider the return policy and money-back guarantee before purchasing the product. What if you did not get the desired result you expected from the supplement or faced any side effects?

In that case, you would want to return the product and get a full refund.

Also, the manufacturers of the supplements should provide a solid money-back guarantee and hassle-free return policy to their customers.

Natural fat burners will not work if you do not change your diet and lifestyle accordingly. However, fat burners employ various methods and techniques to help burn fat in your body and achieve your fitness goals.

The method will vary from one brand to another, but here are some common techniques found in most natural fat burners:

In short, yes, natural fat burners are safe to consume for weight loss, as they are made from pure and natural ingredients. And, if you are consuming the pills by following the proper dosage instructions, you should not face any health problems.

However, you might face issues if you are sensitive to some stimulants, such as green tea extracts or caffeine. So, you should avoid using fat burners which contain these ingredients.

Anyone struggling with weight-loss problems can take the natural fat burners to get rid of extra pounds. They may help burn fats quickly by improving the rate of metabolism. With consistency in diet and exercise, the pills may boost energy levels so you can indulge more in physical activities.

The pills are suitable for men and women. However, some fat burners contain ingredients suitable for a particular gender over the other. Moreover, pregnant women should stay away from these supplements to avoid any harmful effects on the baby.

Ideally, you should take fat burners consistently for two months to get the best results. After that, you can take a break and then continue for the next two months to ensure your body is not becoming resistant to the supplements.

You should be disciplined as you consume a thermogenic fat burner for faster and more effective results. Here are some steps that will support the fat-burning process of the supplements:

The secret to the perfect shape is smart training and good nutrition. But, if you include the best natural fat burner in your weight-loss process, they can reduce half of your efforts to get rid of unwanted fat.

The ingredients speed up the fat-burning process to provide you maximum benefits.

So, now you have all of the information you need. Our list of the best natural fat burners and the buying guide we provided can help you select the most effective supplement for an effortless and satisfying weight-loss journey.

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