12 essential items you can buy from the FSA store during the pandemic

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A lot of the time, running out of household essentials requires a trip to the store. But if you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), you can use your pre-tax money in the online FSA Store, which carries things like first aid kits, contact solution, sunscreen, and more, so you can order the things you need straight to your front door. Read on for some items you probably didn’t know you could get from the FSA store.

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1. A First Aid kit to keep your household safe

Minor scrapes, burns, allergic reactions, and other small casualties often occur around the house—especially when you’re spending more time there than usual. When such low-stakes injuries happen, you’ll be thankful for an at-home first aid kit, like the All Purpose First Aid Kit from Johnson & Johnson. This kit contains 140 items organized in an easy-to-store plastic box, including Band-Aids, Tylenol, gauze pads, Neosporin, Benadryl cream, an instant cold pack, and more.

If your household consists of just you, consider the Red Cross Deluxe Personal First Aid Kit, which contains similar items to the Johnson & Johnson kit, but in smaller quantities. This includes hand sanitizer, bandages, antiseptic wipes, hydrocortisone cream, tweezers, and more.

2. An eye mask to help you relax

Whether you’re dealing with a migraine, sinus issues, a tension headache, eye strain from staring at screens all day, or another type of head pain, treating it with this hot or cold therapy mask should provide some relief. Packed with soft, liquid-filled capsules, it molds to the face and helps the wearer enter and maintain a state of relaxation. Reviewers say it retains its desired temperature for a sufficient amount of time and feels great when it’s on.

Get the TheraPearl Therapy Eye Mask from the FSA Store for $9.99

3. A pacifier thermometer to monitor your baby’s temperature

If you have a baby in the house, it can be tough to tell when they aren’t feeling well. But you can check up on their temperature with this digital pacifier thermometer, which allows consistent temperature readings and plays a musical alert if it detects a fever. With it, your baby will feel calmed and soothed while you keep an eye on their health.

Get the Caring Mil Digital Pacifier Thermometer from the FSA Store for $12.99

4. Contact solution to keep contact lenses comfortable

Contacts go in, and contacts come out. Even as many things in the outside world change, these constants remain—and you’ll need some solution to keep your lenses clean, lubricated, and clear. Consider this twin pack from Bausch and Lomb, which contains natural moisturizing agents to keep your contacts comfortable all day.

12 essential items you can buy from the FSA store during the pandemic

Get Bausch & Lomb Biotrue Multi Purpose Solution 2 Pack for $21.99

5. A blood pressure monitor to keep your health in check

Increased stress and anxiety due to existing world events aren’t exactly great for keeping one’s blood pressure down. But this tiny, smart blood pressure monitor is FDA- approved for medical professionals and patients. With it, you can measure systolic and diastolic blood pressures and your heart rate. If it detects an irregular heartbeat, it notifies you, so you know to get in touch with your medical provider.

Get the Qardio Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor from the FSA Store for $99.99

6. A hot water bottle to keep the bed warm

The days are getting warmer, but having a hot water bottle on hand can still be a great benefit to your overall comfort. This unassuming rubber vessel, when filled with hot or cold water, can help you deal with back pain, menstrual cramps, headaches, or simply offer an extra source of heat or coolness in your bed at night. This particular bottle holds two quarts of water, is flexible enough to mold to the body, and has a secure twistable plug to ensure no water leaks out while you’re using it.

Get the Mabis Rubber Water Bottle from the FSA Store for $11.99

7. Pre-moistened lens wipes to clean up smudges

Face masks making your glasses fog up—or just dealing with the smudges and fingerprints that come with everyday glasses wear? Clear them up with these pre-moistened, individually wrapped lens wipes, which clean and shine lenses so you can actually see through them. The wipes solution contains 30 to 40 percent isopropyl alcohol, so you can disinfect the glass as your clear them up.

Get the Caring Mill Pre-Moistened Lens Wipes from the FSA Store for $18.99

8. A roller to ease foot pain

Even if you’re on your feet less than usual, you may still feel the same aches and pains you did when you had to deal with a daily commute. (And maybe you feel more aches and pains if you’re upping your dish-washing, cooking, and at-home workouts.) Relieve this pain, no matter its source, with the TheraBand foot roller, which massages and stretches muscles on the bottom of the foot to reduce soreness and provide a great massaging sensation. If you want, you can stick it in the freezer for an extra soothing feel.

Get the TheraBand Pain Relief Foot Roller from the FSA Store for $9.99

9. Sunscreen to keep your skin protected

Your skin needs a shield from the sun’s rays, whether you’re taking more walks and runs outside or still mostly staying inside (where sun can still poke in through the window). For top-notch protection, use the Neutrogena Age Shield Face Sunscreen with SPF 70. It prevents sunburn and premature aging but doesn’t contain oil or fragrance, so it won’t break you out or make your face feel greasy when you wear it.

Get the Neutrogena Age Shield Face Sunscreen with SPF 70 from the FSA Store for $12.99

10. A Neti Pot to clear your nasal passages

They’re not for everyone. But those who love their Neti Pot—a nasal drip device that allows you to transfer a saline solution through one nostril and out of the other— are really in love with them. Devotees of this nasal irrigation system say it helps relieve sinus congestion, deal with allergies, and flush out nasal passages for clear, easy breathing. If you aren’t quite sure if it’s right for you, check with your doctor before using it.

Get the Himalayan Institute Neti Pot from the FSA Store for $15.99

11. An acupressure mat set to fully relax

Perhaps hunching over your laptop all day isn’t giving your back the healthy, supple feeling you think it could have. If so, you may appreciate the Kanjō Memory Foam acuPressure Mat Set, a matt and pillow that has textured spots that target pressure points on the legs, back, neck, and more. Reviewers say that laying on it helps relieve back and neck pain, release tension, and soothe sore muscles.

Get the Kanjō Memory Foam acuPressure Mat Set from the FSA Store for $79.99

12. Heel sleeves to moisturize flaky feet

Rough, cracked heels are no match for these PediFix heel sleeves, which are filled with a hydrating, Vitamin E-enriched gel. Simply put them on before bed (you can apply moisturizing cream beforehand to make them even more effective) and let the gel do its work so you wake up with smooth, healthy-feeling feet. Want to get another use out of it? Simply throw it in the wash and repeat.

Get the PediFix Visco Gel Heel So Smooth Sleeves from the FSA Store for $21.99

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