ZAGG's new ProCut M4 cuts you a screen protector in just a few seconds

Finding the right screen protector isn't always easy. A chief concern of mine whenever I look for one is finding the right fit for my phone among the many devices and size options on the market today. I'm well aware that if I don't find a perfect cut, I have a much higher chance of bungling the application and wiping out a few bucks in the process.

One way to skirt around this issue is to get a custom protector cut. ZAGG has been on the frontline of custom screen protection in Australia with its InvisibleShield On Demand (ISoD) custom fit solutions that you can currently find in more than 300 retail stores across the country. Now its rolling out an updated machine, the ProCut M4, that sharpens up that offering, making it even easier to get the perfect fitting screen protector for your phone.

ZAGG's updated ISoD device, the ProCut M4 is designed to complement the company's existing large format ProCut M12 devices. It allows retailers to cut protection for basically any phone smaller than 410 x 184 x 156mm in a matter of seconds. The advantage of that is that if you walk into a store and the store doesn't have your particular screen protector size in stock, you won't need to go elsewhere, since you're guaranteed a cut that will fit. That should appeal to anyone like me that wants all the guesswork taken out of finding a protector.

In store the retailer simply selects your device from among a list in a cloud-based app, ensures your selection of protector material is fed into the machine, and hey presto!, you have a screen protector in the same time it takes to print an A4 sheet of paper. The process really is as straightforward as that. There's every chance you can get the right sized protector, since ZAGG's app supports something like 30,000 devices, which seems a heck of a lot!

ZAGG's new ProCut M4 cuts you a screen protector in just a few seconds

ZAGG says that its extensive catalogue is so large that it's like a walk through the history books of tech devices, with screen protector blueprints from the earliest 2G and 3G phones right up to recently launched devices like Samsung's 5G S22 range. The catalogue also includes lesser known devices and obscure brands, so if you happen to buy or bring something from overseas, you'll still be catered for.

What impressed me at a recent demonstration of the ProCut M4 is that - phones aside - you can also get just about any other device you might have protected too. That includes your tablet, sports watch, or even your DSLR camera - devices which are often overlooked and, in my view, pretty vulnerable to damage.

I had a protector applied to my Suunto Peak 9 watch, which isn't exactly cheap and which I'm exceptionally precious about. You can also get a protector for the front and back of your device, so there's a little extra protection over your whole device.

ZAGG says it will be rolling out ProCut M4 units to 340 retail stores across Australia and New Zealand, including select Harvey Norman, Optus, Vodafone and Happytel stores.


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