intelligentwatchreview How to Use Face ID With a Mask on iPhone 12 and iPhone 13

In perfect conditions, Face ID on the iPhone works almost like magic. However, when it falters, it can be quite frustrating to use. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic severely limited Face ID on the iPhone, as it didn’t work with masks. But Apple has finally fixed this issue with the addition of a new feature in iOS 15.4: Face ID with a Mask.

Here’s how you can set up Face ID to ensure it works even when wearing a mask.

iOS 15.4 Introduces Face ID With a Mask

Apple did introduce Unlock with Apple Watch as a workaround to get Face ID to work when your face is partially covered. However, the feature was only available for iPhone users who owned an Apple Watch.

With iOS 15.4, Apple introduced the Face ID with a Mask option for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 users, and it works exactly as its name suggests. Your iPhone will recognize your face even when a mask partially covers it.

Face ID with a Mask is only available for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series. It is not available for older iPhones and iPads.

How to Set Up and Use Face ID With a Mask on Your iPhone

Face ID with a Mask is one of the new features of iOS 15.4. So your iPhone must be running the latest update if you want to benefit from this addition, as well as other enhancements like new emojis, Tap to Pay for iPhone, and more. How to Use Face ID With a Mask on iPhone 12 and iPhone 13

After updating, follow these steps:


You don’t need to wear a mask while setting up Face ID with a Mask.

If you wear glasses in daily life or when using a mask, make sure to wear them while setting up Face ID with a Mask. You can set up your alternative appearance with up to four different pairs of glasses if needed.

You can tap the Add Glasses option in Face ID & Passcode to set up Face ID to work with sunglasses or regular glasses. Do note that Face ID will fail to authorize you when wearing a mask since it does not work with sunglasses—it only works with regular prescription glasses.

Face ID with a Mask works by scanning the area around your eyes for unique characteristics. So, if you wear a mask that partially covers your eyes, the authentication system will fail to recognize you. Additionally, when trying to unlock your iPhone while wearing a mask, you must look directly at the phone’s display. Your device won’t unlock if you are looking elsewhere.

Unlike Unlock with Apple Watch, you can still authenticate Apple Pay transactions, App Store purchases, and open locked apps using Face ID with a Mask, making it a better alternative to the Apple Watch option. You can, however, use both Unlock with Apple Watch and Face ID with a Mask simultaneously.

Face ID With a Mask Solves a Major iPhone Annoyance

By getting Face ID to work with a mask, Apple has solved a significant pain point with its biometric authentication system. Unlike Android devices that use face scanning and fingerprint scanning technology, most iPhones only feature Face ID, so it was quite frustrating when they failed to work with a mask.

iOS 15.4 finally fixes this annoyance, and you can now happily use your iPhone while wearing a mask.

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