intelligentwatchreview Motorola MA1 review: Get wireless Android Auto the easy way

A great experience... if it likes your phone

I've been using the MA1 dongle as often as possible since the initial review, but that sadly has not been as often as I'd like. For several weeks, I was using the Galaxy S22 Ultra, and I was never able to get the MA1 to pair with that phone. Oddly, I have no issue using the MA1 with other Samsung phones, even the Z Fold3 that came out just a few months prior. I've reached out to Motorola Sound and will update if I get a resolution, but for the time being, this remains something of an open question. I've seen plenty of people around the web talking about using this device with a Galaxy S22, so I'm not sure why it hates my phone. Motorola MA1 review: Get wireless Android Auto the easy way

When I'm not using the S22 Ultra, the MA1 still performs as well as ever. I love that I don't even have to touch my phone when I get in the car. I simply wait five seconds, and Android Auto is there. That's the experience if you have one phone paired, and you don't switch as often as I do. It's a little more arduous with multiple devices. If you need to switch between devices, you long-press the MA1's lone button to put it in pairing mode and reconnect in the phone settings.

There's no microphone on the MA1, so voice controls still need to go through your phone. That's a slight annoyance if the idea is not to touch my phone when I get in the car. A phone deep in your pocket won't be able to hear you very well, after all. I consider this a relatively minor drawback, though. Assistant in Android Auto is never very good, even if it hears you perfectly. I try to avoid using it as much as possible.

I took the MA1 for a longer ride recently, as well. After about an hour of streaming, the dongle still worked fine. The Pixel 6 I was using to test, on the other hand, was burning up. Battery drain was still tolerable, but today's phone hardware sure does get warm. I would not recommend using the MA1 (or any wireless Android Auto implementation) while charging a phone that already has a tendency to get toasty.

The Motorola MA1 has been out of stock on Amazon almost every time I look, but it's creeping up on a thousand reviews with an average 4.4 stars. As long as this dongle likes your phone, it's going to be a great experience.